BSD Appliances

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BSD Appliances that are pre-configured in Virtual Machines so that users who are not BSD savvy can download an use them. An example would be a web server running Apache, SSL, PHP, Ruby, Perl, SQL. All you have to do is download the virtual machine.



Related Projects

Bsd-appliance - *BSD Framework for Network Appliances an Embedded Applications

BSD Appliance Project{Logo Here} The bsd-appliance project has been renamed (10/01/2008) to Cauldron. Please update any referencing links. Thanks! ~ The bsd-appliance team.

cauldron - a framework / toolkit for embedded BSD environments

Cauldron Project Give that a stir, would ya? AboutThe Cauldron Project (formally bsd-appliance) is derived from work done at Collaborative Fusion, Inc. with the goal of developing a scalable and manageable enterprise-class BSD-based appliance platform. Much of the work was originally based on Gray Watson 's Soekris on OpenBSD Diskless Project . The work was the topic for a paper and associated presentation at EuroBSDCon 2006 and NYCBSDCon 2006. The current framework is ideal for bona-fide networ