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Brook is an ANSI C like general purpose stream programming language and is designed to incorporate the ideas of data parallel computing and arithmetic intensity into a familiar, efficient language. Has OpenMP CPU, OpenGL, DirectX 9 and AMD CTM backends.



Related Projects

Hud-lam - Hûd Lam: A programming language for Sindarin

An interpreted programming language that Tolkien's elves would have used had they had computers. Final Year Bsc(Hons) Computing Science Projet at Oxford Brookes University. Hûd Lam means Assembly Language in Sindarin

Sbu-mi-vivo-tools - Stony Brook University Medical Informatics Scripts for working with VIVO

Scripts for working with VIVO ( installations and VIVO RDF data. Scripts depend on the installation of the py-triple-simple library.

Ambio - Ambio is a dynamic ambient audio generator for Android

Ambio is for the stress-head or insomniac Android owner who just wants to chill out to the sounds of a babbling brook, light rain, or waves on a beach. Ambio doesn't just loop a few seconds of audio infinitely. It uses a long background loop for the main track, and dynamically plays short samples such as birdsongs, insects, and thunder, ensuring you hear a unique ambient soundtrack each and every time.

Apache2-webapp-toolkit - Simplified web application framework

Project DescriptionThe WebApp::Toolkit is a mod_perl web application framework for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, processes, and conventions that help provide a consistent application environment. System RequirementsApache 2.x Perl 5.8.8 mod_perl 2.x CPAN DocumentationFor more information about this project, please visit CPAN URL AuthorMarc S. Brooks, <> CopyrightThis program is free software; you ca

Interactive KD-Tree GPU Raytracing

We have implemented a raytracer in both CTM and DirectX (through brook). On modern architectures the raytracer gets between 10 and 20 million rays per second on 300,000 polygon scenes.... and even more on quake levels and other scenes.

Sbu-mozilla-plugin - A Stony Brook University Mozilla Site Search Plugin

A Stony Brook University Mozilla Site Search Plugin provided by SBUGuide.

Oxford-brookes-university - MEL scripting for Maya

This project has been set up by Oxford Brookes University to develop an animation using MEL scripting. It is designed as a collaborative endeavour to both create original work and extend existing open source MEL scripts.

Smartdispatcher - this project is aimed to simulate the smart classroom dispatch environment

this project is aimed to attend the image cup competition held by Microsoft. all the rights reserved by BROOK team, which is registered in the home page of image cup competition.