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Myspace-blogreader-widget - An open-source MySpace Blog Reader using jQuery, Ajax, jFeed and Graybox

This project provides a sleek all-in-one MySpace Blog Reader widget powered by Ajax and jQuery. I aimed to offer a solution that primarily relied on javascript to get it up and running so jQuery is also used to parse our RSS feed as well as provide access to the interface. Most blog readers take the user away from the page they are currently on to see the final content, which is also addressed in my widget - the greybox plugin is used to provide a lightweight lightbox style frame inside your bro

Enterprise-log-search-and-archive - Enterprise log search and archive (ELSA) is an industrial-streng

ELSA is a centralized syslog framework built on Syslog-NG, MySQL, and Sphinx full-text search. It provides a fully asynchronous web-based query interface that normalizes logs and makes searching billions of them for arbitrary strings as easy as searching the web. It also includes tools for assigning permissions for viewing the logs as well as email based alerts, scheduled queries, and graphing. Features: High-volume receiving/indexing (a single node can receive > 30k logs/sec, sustained) Full Ac

Eyepain - WordPress plugin to prevent eyeache comments

Eye Pain is a free GNU / GPL community plugin that will filter all your 'HOYGAN' / 'HOWYA' comments, to prevent and censore some pain for you and your visitors eyes. Examples: HOWYA DOIN BRO? HOYGAN K SE ASE XA EMBIAR UN IMAIL?

Overview - UI plug-in that gives an overview of the browser window dimension and position relatively

IntroductionOverview is a simple, lightweight, elegant and unobtrusive plug-in that renders a graphical overview of the browser window position and size relatively to the document size. This allows the user to quickly jump to any position in the document and if they wish, to bookmark it. This allows the user to return back to previous bookmarks. The fact that this plug-in has a getter/setter 'bookmarks' that read/write all current bookmarks, allows you to save and load all bookmarks per page. Yo

Misro - Multisite e-Commerce

This project is a multisite e-Commerce, combro combine site information (or stores) which is manipulated dynamically, and e-commerce ability. Not like other e-commerce software, combro is a social store networking software :D Product PlanningThe ComBro feature brainstorming page was discussed in the forum . ComBro has two interfaces, the main interface and the administer interface. The main interface containing all store and shopping thing feature and Administer interface containing administrati

Gozerbot - a python irc and xmpp bot

WELCOME TO GOZERBOTI am pleased to present to you version 1.0 of GOZERBOT, a IRC and Jabber(XMPP) bot. This is the final and last release of GOZERBOT, new development will continue with the JSONBOT at I will fix security bugs when i am still around, if you find any bugs please report them on requirementsa shell python 2.5 or higher sqlite3 (already in 2.7) optional is SQLAlchemy support .. enable this in gozerdata/mainc

herogems - Heroku Plugins as Gems bro

Heroku Plugins as Gems bro

bro.vim - bro.vim - A simple plugin for working with the bro scripting languages.

bro.vim - A simple plugin for working with the bro scripting languages.

bro-sublime - Sublime Text Syntax plugin for broscript

Sublime Text Syntax plugin for broscript