bro-live - Bro Live! A Bro training/learning environment.

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Must have Docker 1.2.0 to run our [official Brolive Docker image]( because it requires adding extra capabilities(7)to the container (NET_RAW, NET_ADMIN).If you're using a recent Ubuntu then the entire process is taken care of in the following example:```shellgit clone isletmake installmake install-dockermake user-configmake security-configmake install-brolive-config```



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Bolgenos - Bolgenos operating system is free software, developed by Denis Popov 2010 year

Bolgenos operation system based on Ubuntu. Linux kernel 2.6.28 (on offical site available update to 2.6.33). Bolgenos OS has been developed for asus eee pc 2g, but now OS suiting for all computers (exclude PowerPC/Mac and etc). After install Bolgenos takes 1.65 GB! Have several programs from office package goffice - Abiword, Gnumeric. For development applications you can to use Geany or Gedit. For images viewing - eog and for editing - GIMP 2.6 (Bolgenos 1.0). We include in Bolgenos best web bro

Online-fingerprint-verification-sdk - design and implementation of an on-line Automatic Fingerprint

Introduction'Online Fingerprint verification sdk' is an Automated fingerprint identification library(AFIS). The library helps in building online solutions for those who wants to incorporate fingerprint biometrics in their web based application. ScopeNow-a-days, websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. They can build on the interactive facilities of of old internet to provide "Network as platform" computing, allowing users to run software-applications entirely through a bro