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Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know. Official mirror of .



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With web 2.0, the development of JS frameworks increased. Like any other language, this code must be tested. The problem is that, for us to test javascript, we need to run a browser. The goal of this project is to create a Mock suite to mock and test javascript without the bro...

Hourglass Browser

Web Browser with a beautiful Metropolis style. Tabbed, and stylish

Jarble - encode your highlighted message into "garbled text" in order to bypass censorship

IntroductionJarble(beta) is a small bookmarklet that allows you encode any highlighted string on any web page into human unreadable text by just a single click. It is particularly useful for Chinese netizens because their big bro is watching/censoring everything. Supported browsersIE 7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari How to use <- If your browser didn't render it, save it to your local disk plz. 介ç»�Jarble(beta)是一个å�¯ä»¥ç¼–ç �网页中任æ„�一æ®

Myspace-blogreader-widget - An open-source MySpace Blog Reader using jQuery, Ajax, jFeed and Graybox

This project provides a sleek all-in-one MySpace Blog Reader widget powered by Ajax and jQuery. I aimed to offer a solution that primarily relied on javascript to get it up and running so jQuery is also used to parse our RSS feed as well as provide access to the interface. Most blog readers take the user away from the page they are currently on to see the final content, which is also addressed in my widget - the greybox plugin is used to provide a lightweight lightbox style frame inside your bro

Max-editor - Edit Everywhere

Max Editor is an on-line editor which you can edit your text files using a web browser. Is made with Javascript and PHP. FeaturesManagement of multiple projects with a tree explorer. Load files and edit them. Save file changes. Create new directories and files. Rename directories and files. Delete directories and files. HotkeysCtrl + S: Save file Ctrl + up arrow: Increase font size. Ctrl + down arrow: Decrease font size. Supported BrowsersGoogle Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera Safari Recomended bro

Firefound - Finds your computer if it&#39;s lost or stolen.

FireFound is an add-on for Firefox that helps you find your computer if it's lost or stolen. Every time your computer's location changes, FireFound sends a secure message to a central server with its current location. You can then log into the server and see your computer's current location. All of the location data is encrypted, so no one can find out where your computer is without your password. If you lose your computer, you can tell FireFound to clear your personal data (saved passwords, bro

Ytblog - A blog engine running on Google App Engine

This Project is deadPlease switch to YTCommunity, Featuressimple blog engine on GAE support multi-user blog mode support forum mode How to use 这个项目已��止更新欢迎使用YTCommunity, 功能一个跑在GAE上的简�的blog引擎 支�多用户模� 支�论�模� 如何使用