Brix - mod_perl session/template engine

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Project has been obsoleted by Brix2, for which no public release is available. (Due to the lack of interest in Brix1 the work necessary to release publicly is simply not justified). This means this project is dead.



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Ra-Brix is an implementation of the O2 Software Process. At its core it fosters an extreme re-usability of "Components" which makes it possible to reuse huge chunks of your actual applications and not only libraries and tools. Ra-Brix builds on top of Ra-Ajax and hence uses Managed Ajax in its UI layer. Read more about Ra-Brix Note! Ra-Brix is licensed as Affero GPL version 3 and not as GPL. Download the Ra-Brix main package, plus any component packages you wish to use, and have fun :)

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Schhplttlr: Electric Beats Tänzer generieren durch ihre dem Schuhplattler entlehnten Bewegungen über Sensoren Beats und Licht. Daran experimentieren Musiker, Medienkünstler, Tänzer und Choreographen drei Tage lang in einem interdisziplinären Workshop, an dem man als Zuschauer jederzeit teilhaben kann. Ihre Ergebnisse wurden als einer Performance am Eröffnungsabend am 15 Juli 2010, 20h präsentiert. Diese Dokumentation wird anschließend vom 19. Juli bis 5. Septembe

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BrewBloggerView the updates list for the project for bug fixes and new code commits. BrewBlogger 2.3.2Finally! The latest version of BrewBlogger has been released. This version fixes several bugs and incorporates a few new features, including: The ability to enter up to 15 grains and 15 hops into recipes and logs - that's 6 more than previous for each. An enhanced hop bitterness calculator where users can input up to 20 hop additions. The cacluations now take into account whether pellets or whol