Bricks 3

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Tetris style puzzle game written in Python. You drop blocks of bricks on the playground. Compose a line of at least 3 bricks (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to remove them. There are available several game modes.



Related Projects

Jbrickshooter2 - Yet another FOSS Java implementation of BrickShooter game

Open-source implementation of BrickShooter game. (Send bricks from four sides of game field. When 3 or more bricks join, they expolode, step-by-step game (not realtime), bricks remember their direction) Additional featuresinfinite Undo/Redo Save/Load More configurable game field (random instead of predefined)

3tris - Too much information. Too little time. Will you stand the test of 3tris?

A fast-paced Tetris clone puzzle game where you control 3 bricks at a time, falling in an endless stream. When a complete line is formed, it is removed. When there is no place left at the top for new blocks, the game is over. To play the game in its currrent state, go -HERE-

BrickDraw3D for MacOS

BrickDraw3D is a MacOS program for building with virtual Lego bricks. It is based on the LDraw parts library and is useful for viewing and editing models in the DAT format. See for examples.


An open source 3D zbuffer graphics viewer, optimized for for plastic building brick instruction sheets. See also


Opeke is a program for building objects such as houses or ornaments from bricks of different colors, shapes and sizes. Unlike most 3D editors, Opeke aims to be very simple to use, so it should be suitable for younger users.

Nemesis-code - nemesis. an experimental finite element code.

nemesis consists of two parts: a C++ core, embedding the Python interpreter, capable of undertaking a wide variety of static/transient/eigenvalue problems accounting for material and/or geometrical nonlinearities, and extras, a set of Python scripts that access the core and exploit usability in simple or more complicated tasks, including pre- and post-processing. Some of the available features in nemesis are: bar/beam/triangle/quad/brick elements, uniaxial elastic/hardening/cyclic/viscoplastic m

Krystal-raven-the-crate-escape - The Crate Escape is a 3-Dimensional brick breaking game where the p

In Crate Escape a player controls a transparent paddle. There is a cube in the center of the screen that is composed of layers of crates. The user bounces a ball that when launched into the cube starts to destroy the crates. The ball then bounces back to the the user who has to position his paddle to hit the ball back into the cube. The player can rotate the camera and paddle around the cube in 6 predetermined locations. When the player reaveals the center of the cube they will reveal a vortex a

HA 3D Terrain Design

A 3D design / CAD application written in .NET and DirectX 9. This application is to be used to assist people in the design process when constructing objects/items produced from the 'plaster bricks' created using the Hirst Arts / Castlemolds molds. F

Nxt-python - A pure-python driver/interface/wrapper for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot.

nxt-python is a python driver/interface for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. The 1.x releases aim to improve on NXT_Python's interface and should be compatible with scripts which use it while the 2.x releases improve on the API in backwards-incompatible ways and will not work with NXT_Python scripts. Getting startedTo start controlling your lego nxt robot with python, just follow the setup instructions on the Installation page. NewsNov 20, 2011: Release of bugfix version 2.2.1. Fixes a major issue