Breathe 3D Game Engine

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Using C++, STL, OpenGL, SDL, Box2D and ODE. This project strives for platform independance, code readability and speed. The main target is to provide a convincing driving and physical simulation through the use of ODE at a reasonable frame rate.



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Buzzbird is a full featured, multi-platform, multi-account desktop Twitter client that does not require any third-party support applications (like Adobe AIR or JavaFX). Buzzbird is a twitter client built on Mozilla’s XUL platform, the same technology that is used in the Firefox Web Browser.

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Breath new WPF life into those legacy Win32 controls. Win32HostRenderer is a WPF control that will host a Win32 control and render it onto a WPF bitmap buffer allowing you to interact with the control and apply anchors and other sweet WPF trickery and magic. It works with 2D ...

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This project is created primarily for my own benefit. I want to learn Python, Panda3D, ODE and Blender to create a diving simulator. Main goals is accurate simulation of the diver's buoyancy and breathing gas consumption, nitrogen saturation simulation, diving computer simulation. Visuals are considered secondary and will probably suck. How stuff works will be based of different literature I have available, my personal diving experience and whatever physics info I can find. This will be only don

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