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A book reader for the symbian s60 platform mainly for speech users who can't use the available book readers. Currently works with text files.



Related Projects

Perl Data Language

The PDL module gives standard perl the ability to COMPACTLY store and SPEEDILY manipulate the large N-dimensional data sets that are the bread and butter of scientific computing.

Phorum - PHP based forum software

Phorum is a message board software that is designed to meet different needs of different web sites while not sacrificing performance or features. MySQL community forum is powered by Phorum.

Bbsim - Logic Design and BreadBoard Simulator

A tool which is used to simulate the breadBoard environment. Logic Gates will be available to build a digital circuit.

Netsiteframework - Site Framework ASP.Net (BreadCrumbs, Templates, Back buttons, Refresh, Dirty etc.

Site framework makes more easy to build complex sites. This project will contains common controls and features like: - Bread Crumbs - Template managemen - Back button and refresh managemen - Dirty management

Biga-cms - Content Management System

Biga is a term that comes from bread making. Biga is a bread starter. Biga CMS helps create a basis for creating a web site. Biga CMS uses already existing open source frameworks and libraries. Currently uses: symfony 1.4 Doctrine 1.2 Zend library

Bread-machine-controller - Программа управлени� Bread Machine

Write a program to control a bread machine. You should ask the user to specify: The type of bread (white or sweet), 2. The size of the loaf (normal or double), and 3. The manner of baking (automatic or manual). The following table details the time chart for the machine for each bread type. Since we don’t really have a bread machine to control, you should instead display an output line for each step of the process. If the loaf size is double, increase the baking time by 50%. If baking is manual

Jbreadcrumb - breadcrumb integration with jquery

jBreadCrumb was created by Jason Roy of CompareNetworks Inc. It is a jquery extension for breadcrumbs which allows long names to be used within breadcrumbs, and can adjust the amount of visible text to ensure that the current/first node are visible. It also has the ability to mouse over truncated breadcrumbs and show their entire text. For examples (more information) see: Since version 0.2.2 jBreadCrumb now supports jquery-

Daily Bread Screensaver

A screensaver which gives you a bible verse for each day together with a picture slide show. Currently developed in C#.

Sliced Bread

Not the greatest thing since Sliced Bread, it IS Sliced Bread. This project is a series of network tools and a network development SDK, with big hopes, and too little time to code it all.