Brazostweaker - Tool for undervolting/clocking Brazos platform APU's

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This utility comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. The Author will not take any responsibility of damage. Continue at your own risk. You want a quieter, cooler and longer running system? Please read on. (quieter = less frequent running fans / cooler = about 10°C lower temperatures / longer = approx. 5-10% better batterylife) If you are looking for a tool to undervolt Llano, click on this Link EnglishTool for undervolting and underclocking AMD Brazos platform (Zacate E-350, E-450 / Ontario C-50, C-60) APU's under Windows 7 (XP/Vista). By using it, you can achieve longer batterylife (lower power consumption) as well as lower processor temperatures. Userguide BrazosTweaker Download latest 32Bit Version Download latest 64Bit Version Thanks for supporting, Sven DeutschMit diesem Programm kann man manuell und permanent Spannungen und Frequenzen der AMD Brazos Plattform (Zacate E-350, E-450 / Ontario C-50, C-60) unter Windows 7 (XP/Vista) vornehmen, um eine längere Batterielaufzeit und niedrigere Temperaturen des Prozessors zu erreichen Anleitung zum Tool Download der neuesten Version für 32Bit Windows Download der neuesten Version für 64Bit Windows Vielen Dank, Sven



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