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Braun is an application for visualising Open Sound Control (OSC) data on a scrolling graph.



Related Projects

Gnizr- - CMSC 491s Project

Project for modifying gnizer for CMSC 491s Spring 2008 Members: Jason Braun, Andrew Winder, Anthony Varner, Bryan Hurley

Chinabraun - Braun China

A website for Braun China

UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX

UZIX is a UNIX Implementation for MSX machines, based on UZI written by Douglas Braun. It is a multiuser, multitask operating system, implementing almost all 7th Edition ATamp;T UNIX kernel functionality.

Bomberman-gde - Rob the Bob

Roy Braun & Dominik Feininger

Random-access-streams - Infinite lists in Haskell with quick access to elements by index

This project provides an implementation of infinite-length lists that aims to improve on: Data.Stream by offering a O(lg n) bound for (!!) Data.Sequence by allowing lists to be infinite. Unfortunately, cons is an O(lg k) (where k elements of the stream are eventually forced) operation, while is it O(1) on regular lists, Data.Sequences, and Data.Streams. The internal representation uses Braun trees (or Braun streams, in this case). The latest API documentation is here. The Coq proofs are here.

Encuadro - Aplicación de realidad aumentada y navegación para museos sobre smart devices

encuadroAplicación de realidad aumentada y navegación para museos sobre smart devicesProyecto de fin de carrera en procesamiento de señales, Instituto de Ingeniería Eléctrica. Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de la Republica. Integrantes: Juan Braun Mauricio Gonzalez Pablo Flores Martin Etchart Tutor: Juan Cardelino

uat - userspace-autotuner by markus braun

userspace-autotuner by markus braun