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Client library for a portion of the IHE transactions. This library specifically focuses on PIX Manager, XDS Repository, XDS Registry, and Audit Repository transactions.



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Simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository

braid - Simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository

Simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository

Braids-tor-simulator - Discrete-event simiulator of the Tor anonymity network and the modifications

This project aims to provide a high fidelity simulation of the Tor anonymity network and the modifications proposed by the research paper "Recruiting New Tor Relays with BRAIDS". The simulation framework uses discrete-events to simulate the most important parts of Tor that are needed to analyze the performance effects BRAIDS has on the network. Please refer to the Tor and BRAIDS supporting materials for more information.


Assists the design and editing of 'celtic' style braids. Braid fragments are designed algorithmically , or by hand using Bezier curved ribbons of specified width and easily assembled into patterns. Try it at

Sarna-python - Software to compute the Weyl groupoid of a diagonal braiding

DescriptionSarna is a program to calculate the Arithmetic Root System associated to a braid of diagonal type. This software can be used to calculate: The Weyl groupoid and the set of positive/negative roots, The generalized Dynkin diagram, The dimension, the GK-dimension and the Hilbert series of the Nichols algebra. Also in rank 2 or 3 it is possible to see the set of roots using gnuplot. AuthorsM. Graña I. Heckenberger L. Vendramin RequirementsPython PyGTK Gnuplot Graphviz Pydot (included) Py


KnotTTY is a secure remote shell with public key exchange protocol based on the new braid groups cryptosystems. It provides : -gt; X11 forwarding -gt; Secured FTP protocol -gt; Multiplexed channels with AES 256 bits -gt; Project 100% C++ Object-Oriented

Cbraid - A C++ library for computations in braid groups

CBraid is a C++ library originally written by Jae Choon Cha (see It allows various computations on braid groups, such as normal forms. The code in this project is based on his final version of 2001/12/07 and distributed under the GPL. The library has been updated to run on modern compilers, and has been merged with Braiding version v1.0 (2004/10/04) originally written by Juan Gonzalez-Meneses (see and distributed

Braids-in-cryptography - implementation of systems in "Group Theory in Cryptography"

In this project we implement Ko et al. and Anshel et al. key agreement protocols using Braid Groups as described in "Group Theory in Cryptography" by Simon R. Blackburn, Carlos Cid and Ciaran Mullan. Also we implement an attack to Ko et al. protocol. In the implementation we use the Garside Normal Form. Due to the fact that going back and forth from an element in Bn to its normal form we restricted n to 4 to speed up our system. The braids produced in each step of our implementation can be draw

Arduino-telematic-box - Telematic box for racing boats

This project dedicated data logger systems using embedding devises such as Arduino, AVR, ARM7 (9,11). The sensors using in this project are 10 Hz GPS module, G-Sensor ( 3-axis accelerometer), RPM module, CHT temperature sensor and may be 3 axis gyro and lap timer. For data logger 64-256 Mbit flash memory ans SD card. For communication with PC based system XBee module. ARDUINO MEGA1280 Summary: Microcontroller: ATmega1280 Operating Voltage: 5V Recommended Input Voltage: 7-1

braid-hs - Algorithms for positive braids written in Haskell

Algorithms for positive braids written in Haskell