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BRAHMS is a Modular Execution Framework for dynamical systems. It knits together independently-authored software modules implementing dynamical processes into an integrated system, and supervises the deployment and execution of that system.



Related Projects

Brahms-md - Biomembrane Reduced-ApproacH Multiresolution Simulator for Molecular Dynamics

BRAHMS is a molecular dynamics program for the simulation of biological membranes modeled with the ELBA coarse-grain force field [Orsi & Essex, PLoS ONE 6: e28637 (2011)]. Please download the latest (current) version here. The source code, written in the C language, comprises ~10000 lines, organized in ~20 modules. Many crucial components of BRAHMS, such as the main data structures, the cell-subdivision/neighbor-list algorithm, and several useful macro definitions, have been developed following

Apromore - Advanced process model repository

A first prototype of Apromore can be found at (username = "public", no password). Apromore is an open and extensible repository to store and disclose business process models of a variety of types and languages, and beyond that, to build on top of existing tools and techniques, to provide state-of-the-art features for model presentation, analysis, integration, contextualization, improvement, and re-use. Apromore's features can be classified according t

Aor-javasim - A Java-based simulation management system for AOR simulation

AOR-JavaSim is part of the ER/AOR Simulation framework, which provides a language and tools for (basic and agent-based) discrete event simulation. AOR-JavaSim is a Java-based simulation management system implementing the abstract simulator defined by ER/AOR Simulation. It requires the installation of a Java 6 Development Kit (JDK 6) from the Java SE download site. For creating AOR simulation scenarios that run in the Web browser, visit the Simurena Development Portal, which offers a free persona

Mbuilder - 3D microstructure reconstruction for Monte Carlo and Structural analysis in materials sci

CMU Microstructure Builder (mbuilder)Microstructure builder or mbuilder is a strategy to construct simulated 3D polycrystalline materials. The input is typically grain size and shape data as obtained from orthogonal images (optical or SEM). The output is a 3D voxel structure that matches the size and shape statistics provided at input. The voxel structures can be used directly as input to Monte Carlo simulations or can be converted to mesh structures for use in FE structural analysis. History of

brahms - Brahms - a MIDI Program for KDE

Brahms - a MIDI Program for KDE

brahms-digi-webapp - Simple pipeline to join BRAHMS CSV records with image analysis

Simple pipeline to join BRAHMS CSV records with image analysis