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Brag is a tool to collect and assemble multipart binary attachements from newsgroups. The implementation is bulletproof; ideal to run as a cron job. Supports uuencode, base64 and yenc encoded messages, and filtering based on subject.



Related Projects

Gloat - A simple client to download usenet postings

A simple command line client to download usenet postings. Inspired solely by the fact that `brag' ran out of memory doing the same. ABOUTgloat is a simple command line utility to download usenet postings based on simple pattern matching of the title. It it somewhat analogous to, although far less feature-filled than, a programme called `brag'. Hence the name. Unlike brag it does no duplicate removal or part counting, it only uses a simple regular expression match. It will not gracefully re-start

Statscraper - Get your statistics at any time.

Are you annoyed that only lets you generate your 'my finds' statistics every three days? This program lets you generate them as often as you like. If you're serious about geocaching you probably generate your own stats using GSAK or similar tools. The official stats are only visible to premium members, and what's the point of bragging if not everyone can see it? In order to generate your own stats, you need the .gpx file with your finds. only lets you generate this

Java-fancy-memgame - This is just an expansion on the default memory game

Description: This is a memory game. You will be presented with a grid of white cards. Clicking on a card will reveal the color underneath it. You can only reveal two cards at a time, if the two cards are the same color, they are a match and add to your score. Matched cards can no longer be chosen, the game ends when you have found all of the matches. Features: Hard mode: tiles change color over time! AAHHHHH : Variable Board Size, up to 100 @ @ Cheat Button To Show off cool board generation on t

Dylanh-web-rpg - Online browser RPG

Browser-based RPG with turn-based combat system, in game economy, single and multiplayer modes, and room to grow. Developed in Scala on the Lift web framework GoalsCombatCombat will be a turn-based, position-oriented system. Characters will fight on positions in a grid, with ranged, melee, or magic skills. Skills will come in a wide variety so that everyone can find their own playstyles. GroupsA player will join a group of four characters. They may be NPCs or other players via the net. In combat

Homectrl - A home control system to control Consumer Electronics devices(philips or RC6 mode0).

This project was done at Philips Embedded Systems Lab at SJCE Mysore The code provides basic CLI to control multiple IR devices over TCP/IP. client -> to submit request server -> continously runs and serves client adapter -> generates config file. server runs on the dev board, to which IRMS3 is connected. client runs on any device that connects to network (in our case, another dev board or host machine). adapter generates a simple config file.The system also provides a Scheduling capability, so

Cookiecheck - CookieCheck - A simple PHP script to test whether cookies are enabled

CookieCheck is a simple PHP script to check whether visitors to your site have cookies enabled or not. Nothing about this project is likely to win a Turing Award anytime soon, but hey; it's simple, it works. and it saves you having to reinvent the wheel for each of your scripts that rely on cookies. And who knows, maybe one day a Turing Award recipient will be on the podium thanking CookieCheck for making it all possible! Don't worry, I won't hold my breath... What's Going On?14/5/2008: CookieCh

Bellona - linux based OS

The goal of project bellona is to build an open-source operating system used more widely than any other Operating System in the world. Bellona should have a good GUI with great usability. Bellona linux should have an amazing amount of available drivers. The incentive for working on Bellona linux: Working on an operating system kills time like none other. Building the world's best operating system gives you bragging rights. Bellona should not be advertised until, as a group, the people working on

Hgfjhg - hjj

var UpdateInterval = 30000 //Global scope; default value; user changeable var FormFields = new Object //Object is populated with all the hidden form field values, which is then included in the AJAX post to make QuickBuy more transparent to the FFS server. var QuestionMarkImage = "" // Used as owner image when pet is an orphan. var MyFaceBookID, MyPhoto, buyer_id var pet_id, pet_name, pet_photo, pet_cost var owner_name, owner_id, owner_fbid, owner_photo // Referring to the most current owner othe

Kablame - Use blame to see who gets project bragging rights

KABLAME!Kablame!TM is a rails plugin uses svn blame to determine how many lines of code were updated or added by each user in a project. KABLAME! currently compatible with SVN and Git. (All the cool kids use git.) Someone on your team isn't pulling their weight? KABLAME! Like lists of largely meaningless numbers? KABLAME! Need to look good at a job review? KABLAME! Believe in productivity through social stigma? KABLAME! Need an excuse to install Git? KABLAME! Just want to be a real show-off jerk

Droidmark - Standard Benchmark Suite for Android-based devices

DroidMark is a standardized suite for benchmarking your Android-based device. Currently the G1 is the only Android device on the market - but in the future, not all Android devices will be created equal. For applications where performance matters, or where a particular hardware feature is mission critical (GPS anyone?) - DroidMark aims to be the accepted standard for gauging system performance of your Android device. For end users, DroidMark will empower the end user with performance (and other