The Beanshell Preprocessor

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The Beanshell Preprocessor; the fully caffeinated preprocessor.



Related Projects


x86mph is an optimized library with vector, matrix, and vertex helpers (including an own TnL) It also contains memory helpers, and other stuff such as image processing (color inverting, changing bpp) taking advantage of x86's 3DNow!, MMX, and SSE

4bpp: 4-bits-per-pixel graphic routines

4bpp is a collection of graphical functions intended for speed on 4 bits-per-pixel screen buffers.

Pngj - PNGJ: Java library for reading and writing PNG images

Standalone Java library for reading and writing PNG images. The API provides sequential (line by line) read and write capability, for truecolour (RGB/RGBA, 8 and 16 bpp), grayscale and indexed (any bit depth) images, with minimum memory footprint. More info: Overwiew FAQ Javadocs History C# port:

Mchp-gfx-pic18 - Microchip Graphic Library [PIC18]

Ported version of the Microchip Graphic LibraryCompiler/Linker: Hi-Tech PICC-18 9.65PL0 Pro The original Microchip Library works only on PIC24/32 16bpp RGB565 color format. Added support for SSD1963 display controller ( using 8-bit data bus, so the Library also is ported to 24bpp. Modified Touch Screen driver to work on new architecture. Corrected some calibration issues. Currently using Winstar WF43B+TS display panel.

Qdbmp - Quick n' Dirty BMP - a minimalistic cross-platform C library for handling BMP image file

QDBMP (Quick n' Dirty BMP) is a minimalistic cross-platform C library for handling BMP image files. The library is extremely lightweight - it consists of just two small files and has no dependencies other than the standard C library. It is intended to provide small applications with basic image I/O capabilities by utilizing the widely used BMP image format. The library is written entirely in C, and is highly portable. It explicitly handles endianness issues and uses no OS-specific code. The libr


stegotools is a suite of UNIX command-line applications to read/write hidden information from/in files using steganography. It currently fully supports 24bpp bitmap images.


A set of programs to convert JPEG files in black and white, the whole computation being performed in double precision type for avoiding precision loss. The purpose is to convert 24bpp color pictures into 16bpp gray pictures (rather than 8bpp as usual).

Distributedpicalc - Calculating Digits of Pi

Calculating Digits of pi using the BPP digit extraction method

Libbmp - The BMP library for read and write BMP file.

Introductionlibbmp is a simple, cross-platform, open source (revised LGPL) C library designed for easily reading, writing, and modifying Windows bitmap (BMP) image files. The library is oriented towards the novice programmer with little formal experience, but it is sufficiently capable for anybody who desires to do I/O and pixel operations on uncompressed 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 bpp (bits per pixel) BMP files. libbmp is intended to be cross-platform on both little-endian (e.g., x86, x86-64) and


Do you think the Allegro blenders are too slow? Do you want to do special effects in 15/16/32-bpp but can't? Then FBlend is for you! FBlend is a series of super-fast color blenders for Allegro. FBlend is anywhere from 4 to 13 times faster than Allegro,