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- drag-drop workflow designer (currently using a 3rd party godiagram tool, will change to silverlight in bpm project) - backend job dispatcher/workflow engines




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Openbravo - The Agile ERP

Openbravo is the web-based Open Source ERP solution. It includes applications like Accounting, Sales and CRM, Procurement, Inventory, Production, Project and Service Management. Openbravo is three-time winner of Infoworld's Bossie award for best open source software application.


BPMMeter is a very simple BPM (Bits per Minute) meter for j2me platform. Setup it on your cellphone and measure BPM whatever you are.

Rill-bpm-api - A enterprise-level, light-wight BPM platform

Our visionBuild a enterprise-level, light-wight BPM platform base on Activiti,Tomcat,Embedded Glassfish. HighlightsUse JTA/2PC+WS-Coor/AT to resolved the distribution transaction consistency ArchitectureServer sideSpring and embedded glassifsh provide transaction, web service(JTA, JAXWS, WS-*) Dev rill-bpm-ws module for export rill-bpm-api(see below) Dev rill-bpm-api module for abstract work-flow access API(Such as create process instance, complete task instance) Use Activiti as work-flow engine

Fitu - Enterprise application framework

Use Struts2, Spring, Hibernate and AJAX.We hope we can provide a excelent community website dev platform and common enterprise application framework. It will support report using iBatis, workflow using jBPM and so on.

Processbase - Business Process Management Suite

PROCESSBASE v.3 has been migrated to new Repository https://code.google.com/p/processbase.v3/

Workhorse - Java BPM engine

WorkHorse is a Java-based BPM engine based on the concepts of BPMN and workflow patterns (http://www.workflowpatterns.com). The current development roadmap includes: A BPMN 2.0-based workflow engine. A domain-specific language for serializing/de-serializing BPMN diagrams that is similar to the dot language (http://www.graphviz.org/doc/info/lang.html). A browser-based BPMN designer. A connector architecture a la JMX: clients can connect to the workflow via RMI, web services, JMS, servlets, in-JVM

Jbpm-fragment-engine - Process fragment engine

OverviewProcess fragments are used to represent fragmentary process knowledge of business processes. Additionally process fragments are said to be 'local', meaning that process fragments represent fragmentary business knowledge for specific occasions. If not all process knowledge, process fragments are available during the design time of a process, but might become available during the start fragments runtime, it must be possible to execute process fragments without complete knowledge of the who

Mybpmn - MyBPMN -- the next-generation BPM (SOAer)

MyBPMN is the Open Source BPM Solution that will enable you to model, execute and improve your business processes through a graphic environment and without the need of programming. The current development roadmap includes:1. MyBPMN Designer is a BPMN Modeling application based on Eclipse 3.5, and powered by EMF/GMF. 2. MyBPMN Engine is fully compatible with BPMN 1.2. Will also provide early all support for BPMN 2.0 features. 3. MyBPMN Web Management Console. Features:1. BPMN1.2/BPMN2.0 Process M

Erlflow - lightweight Erlang based workflow engine with REST interface

Erlflow provides an erlang based document-workflow engine for ease integration with web 2.0 applications through the REST interface provided. Activities, task, documents, are coordinated through Erlflow engine. CouchDB is used for document management and persistence.