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BozOS is a simple 16-bit OS for x86 CPUs. It is designed to learn from.



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A silly & effective MD5 cracker in Ruby

Mb-erlang - multi-byte string object for Erlang

Considering the lack of enthusiasm of the Erlang community on having proper string functions, I hacked my own. I only recently started hacking at it again, after leaving the project dormant for a few years – the project was originally received with derision and incomprehension "we don't need strings: lists of integers are fine"... So to quote Brad Pitt in "twelve monkeys": Fuck the bozos!

Yaxl - Yet Another (Pythonic) XML Library

Yet Another (Pythonic) XML LibraryYAXL is a library for reading, writing and manipulating XML in Python. It is OSI Certified Open Source Software released under the MIT License. This means you are free to download it and do (almost) whatever you want with it. RequirementsPython version 2.4 or higher FeaturesRequires only Python 2.4+ Learnable in 15 minutes Simplest interface possible - minimal number of functions and objects exported XML Namespace aware XPath support Easy to create XML documents

Electronica-hsd - Electronica for Android

Electronica is a simple, handy, Android-based reference tool for electronics, computers, and general DIY'ers. Includes formula calculations, component color code decoders, parts and cable references, and more! Note: This was my second ever Android application; be kind on any bozo approaches I took -- I was just getting started.

Angle-fullscreen - Fork of Angle project with fullscreen support

A fork of the Angle project, adding fullscreen support and extending the es utilities a little. Fullscreen support means that you can enable your applications to support Nvidia 3D-Vision while staying with OpenGL ES code instead of DirectX! Nvidia supports OpenGL in conjunction with Nvidia 3D-Vision only on costly Quadro cards. This fork allows you to use 3D-Vision on consumer cards as well (within the limits of OpenGL ES 2.0). All newly added code is also under the New BSD license, use it for w

pybozo - Python implementation of BozoCrack

Python implementation of BozoCrack

bozo-scripts - Zopa scripts for the bozo build system

Zopa scripts for the bozo build system

bozo - gg tracking tool

gg tracking tool

bozo - Build scripting framework

Build scripting framework