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BOXit is a small logic game for the lunchbreak. Clear the playing field as far as possible, by dragging same-colored or equivalent tokens one over another, if they are in the same row or column on the playing field. Easy to learn - but hard to handle!



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A complete system administration tool aimed at non technical company Managers etc. This is NOT a WEBMIN competitor and never will be it is simply a simple to use and set up email, web, intranet, file sharing config tool.

eBoxit - GPL

A complete Linux based server product. This includes fully automatic install (disk formatting and building) with web native Network Configuration interface (for VPN, Firewall, internet connections, files shares, backups, email server, ,MySQL server, ssh s

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Manjaro Server Management Tool

boxite - A simple, non-scientific, non-perfect box-packing program

A simple, non-scientific, non-perfect box-packing program