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Bowser is an IRC client for BeOS that aims to be very easy to use, very elegant, and very stable.



Related Projects

Warmariotd - A tower defense game using 2D Mario sprites.

A simple tower defense game that brings sprites from various versions of Mario game franchise. The player impersonates Bowser and has to build towers in order to stop destruct the incoming waves of Marios. It was submitted to a local game contest, so it is in portuguese-BR. Developed using C++, SDL and Boost. Has a beta version for Nintendo Wii, using a non-official SDK.


a browser detector

1upmodrcon - Rcon/Mod Tool for Urban Terror written in Java

1up ModRconAbout1up ModRcon is a remote server administration tool for the popular first person shooter Urban Terror. The latest version is which was released on July 26th, 2010 for Windows. On August 15, 2010 this project was created to port 1up ModRcon to Java so that that it can be used cross-platform (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). 1up ModRcon is created and intended for use by members of the Urban Terror clan 1up ( Some of the built-in features are intended to contro

Dungeonmaster - A high fantasy action-adventure video game.

Dungeon Master is modeled after Zelda. Developed as a team based project for a course, CST438 Software Engineering, at the California State University of Monterey Bay by Reynold Rondez, Jaime Moreno, Chris Sterling, and Eric McDonald. The team name is TeamBowser. Play (or test) the game release online: If the above doesn't work try the latest cutting edge code here: If you want to run the files locally o


Objective-C Runtime Bowser, for Mac OS X and iOS

Ir2-mariocg - Mario's game in Java

Le but de ce projet est de réaliser un jeu basé sur le jeu Super Mario Bros. C'est un jeu de plate-forme dans lequel le héro est un plombier moustachu se nommant Mario. Il doit délivrer la princesse Toadstool (Peach) retenue prisonnière dans le château de l'infâme Bowser (Koopa dans la version originale japonaise). Pour cela, il doit traverser de nombreux niveaux à difficulté croissante jusqu'à atteindre le repaire du boss de fin : Bowser en personne.

Android-manager - Android Phone Manager - the main objective of developing this applications is inte

Android Phone Manger is the Application we have developed during our internship training at and the main objective of developing this applications is integrating some of the most important services that a mobile user interacts with. The more positive aspect of this application is the areas of improvements we implemented. When we studied Android features we realized that we could actually develop and improve some of the prime services for example our Contact Manager is made with customized databa

browser_detect - Script to detect bowser and version

Script to detect bowser and version

detectos - micro-framework to detect os from useragent (borrows from bowser by Dustin Diaz)

micro-framework to detect os from useragent (borrows from bowser by Dustin Diaz)