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Bouncer is a library to validate input parameter of methods in a configurable (app.config) and declarative way. The idea behind the library is to declare a “context” at the method level and declare rules for business entities at the type/property level.



Related Projects

Filetopia Bouncer

[discontinued, who wants me?] A bouncer for connections to the p2p network Filetopias server. Hiding your IP, it grant even more anonymity then filetopia does already.

Caraxy, proxy Caramail amp;amp;amp;lt;-amp;amp

Proxy IRC lt;-gt; Caramail [FR] Il s'agit d'un bouncer permettant de se connecter ŕ caramail via un client IRC (n'importe lequel) ŕ partir de n'importe quelle plate-forme. [EN] It allows people to connect to chat service with any IRC clien

Momobot - A Java interface to IRC

MomoBot is a IRC framework, as well as a robot, a GUI and a bouncer.

Bafirc - BAFIRC IRC Client

BAFIRC IRC Client, written in C# for Windows/Mono/.GNU. Aims to be free, implement most nice features of various IRC clients.Has built in web server for a cgi:irc like remote interface, will have support for a remote client to connect (like a bouncer).

Netbouncer - Centralised Input/Output Validation Library designed for ASP.NET applications.

NetBouncerSecure by default centralised input/output validation library which combines security rules and business rules as well as escaping in the output level. Allows to separate development and security especially for large projects. Designed ASP.NET in mind but suitable for any .NET application. First Beta Released, Download Now! .


ircproxy is a multi-user IRC proxy/bouncer written in C for UNIX.

Dfbnc - DFBNC is an open source IRC Bouncer.

This project is for the JAVA version of DFBnc (Read below for delphi/pascal) HistoryDFBnc was originally an IRC Bouncer written in Delphi. It compiled on Linux (FreePascal) and windows (using both Delphi and FreePascal). DFBNC Was originally licensed under the ZLIB License, unfortunately this version had a number of bugs in it, and is no longer available. NowDue to issues with the code and random other things, the decision was taken to completely rewrite DFBnc (for the 2nd time), and rather than

Proxybot - An HTTP Proxy which filter IRC traffic to add features to your client

An HTTP Proxy which filter IRC traffic to add features to your client. Current features are: !wikipedia, !google and !trans(late) command Modify CTCP versions Retreive password to connect to It's a pure Java application. It's not an IRC bouncer and it should only be used locally and by one user. What is done by proxybot could also be done with a script running in your IRC client. But doing so require to write one different script for each different client (different langages, differ

miau - yet another IRC-bouncer/proxy

miau is a small but fully featured IRC-bouncer/proxy. Features include so-called quicklogging, logging, auto-opping and dcc-bouncing. Most features can be enabled/disabled with configure-script.

Kernel Socks Bouncer

KSB26 [Kernel Socks Bouncer] is Linux Kernel 2.6.x loadable module that redirects tcp connections (to user-defined target hosts) through socks 4/5 chains, in a complete transparent way.