Bouncel Ball

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A bounce ball XNA game Project. Shows that how to build an arkanoid/dx-ball like game in Visual Studio XNA with C#.



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Pykanoid - An Arkanoid clone developed on Python/PyGame

Pykanoid is an Arkanoid clone developed in Python/PyGame. It consist on a bouncing ball that player must control with a bat and try to destroy all blocks in the screen. It has 29 levels, "continue" feature and power-ups to enhance ball and bat.

Arkanoid DX

Based on the classic 1986 Arkanoid Game.

Arkaploid - a arkanoid clone in python

A simple arkanoid clone to learn how to use pygame

Bolotas - A game with bouncing balls

Bounce balls, hook balls together, and be ballsier than the next guy in Bolotas, the family-friendly game with a lot of balls. At least, those are the things you'll be able to do once we've written it. Stay tuned.

Jark - Java Arkanoid

An implementation of Arkanoid (Breakout) in Java. Programming Fundamentals 2, Faculty Of Informatics @ USI

Updown - 2D arcade style game where the player bounces a ball toward the top of othe screen while av

A demo project written with Python 2.6 and PyGame 1.81. The player's goal in the game is to lead the ball to the very top of the world. The player does this by drawing lines for the ball to bounce off of. If the ball hits an obstacle, it will either bounce the ball farther up, knock the ball back down, or end the game outright. The game can also end if the ball reaches the very bottom of the world. Being only a programmer, all art (visual and audio) is placeholder.

Pybreakout - Python version of classic Breakout game

PyBreakout - a Breakout clone written in Python using the Pygame librariesI created this little game using Python 2.4.3, Pygame 1.7.1, and finally created the .exe distribution using py2exe 0.6.This is my second project that I have done with the awesome Pygame Libraries and I plan to continue this project based on user feedback, so let me know what needs to be tweaked.What is the current version?The current version, which this document describes, is pybreakout 0.3 released on 2006/10/19 .What's