Advanced Bot Framework

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Using this plugin-based framework, you can instantly start working on the *brain* of your bot (irc bot, chatterbot, robot, ...). With support for db, irc, logging and programming-language independent plugins, users can easily enhance the functionality.



Related Projects

DotNetWikiBot Framework

The DotNetWikiBot Framework was developed so that it can offer a helping hand with many complicated and routine tasks of wiki site development and maintenance. DotNetWikiBot Framework is a cross-platform full-featured client API, that allows you to build programs and web robots easily to manage information on MediaWiki-powered sites. DotNetWikiBot Framework can also be used for learning C# and .NET.

cinch - The IRC Bot Building Framework

The IRC Bot Building Framework


libIRC is a cross-platform framework for connecting to and interacting with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks. libIRC is useful as the foundation for embedding IRC capabilities into various applications such as chat clients, games, and irc bots.

Java Wiki Bot Framework

Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaWiki) site management. It allows to build robots to edit and dump information from Wikis. For more information and features see project homepage.

Mattpbot - IRC bot written in PHP

IRC bot written in PHP using the SmartIRC framework

Poker-armageddon - Python Poker Game Simulator for Bot Testing

A small Python framework for testing poker bots.

Starcraftcsharpbot - Bot and bot framework for Starcraft

Bot and bot framework for Starcraft check out to C:\\Program Files\\StarCraft\\BWAPI\\StarProxyBot_net