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Boson is an OpenGL real-time strategy game. It is designed to run on Unix (Linux) computers, and is built on top of the KDE, Qt and kdegames libraries.



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Boson. Система автоматизації діяльності ВНЗ.


A command/task framework similar to rake and thor built with extendability in mind.

boson - A command/task framework similar to rake and thor built with extendability in mind.

A command/task framework similar to rake and thor built with extendability in mind.

Winhacplusplus - WINHAC++ -- objective Monte Carlo generator for charged Drell-Yan's processes

The Monte Carlo Event Generator for Single W-Boson Production with Leptonic Decays in Hadronic CollisionsThe generator is migrated from FORTRAN. Migration is in progress, however the first stage is finished now, the FSR is done by now.

Irvine-uva-hep-project - Using AI methods to evolve high energy particles selectors

This project is a joint collaboration between particle physicists and AI scientists.The goal is to find selectors suitable for detection of Higgs boson during LHC experiments, maximizing the figure of merit of the selectors. Later on more optimization/learning methods looking for good selectors will be investigated and compared with each other.

Boson-mvc - Boson view engine for ASP.Net MVC + Ext.Direct handler for ASP.Net MVC

This project provides two main components A view engine for ASP.Net MVC for easy handling of JSON and XML output. Engine's name is 'Boson' and it's based on Boo script and Rhino.DSL. Provides a simple and elegant method for generating dynamic Json or Xml. Especially useful with ExtJS. Ext.Direct handler for ASP.Net MVC - an implementation of Ext.Direct protocol (yet another...), this one is cooperating nicely with Windsor IOC container. More features are likely to appear here in future. Take a l

Gbmsci - higgs → τ τ → lepton + jet

Description:higgs → τ τ → lepton + jet "This is not the Higgs Boson you are looking for."

Daneelrepo - svn repository of my research source code and papers

This repository contains the following items: Source CodesThe following source codes are a part of the repository. Non-Equilibrium quantum quenched dynamics of BCS systemsA momentum space ensemble of tls systems simulating a BCS gas, with a self-consistent time-dependent superfluid gap. Temporal evolution of Coherent Matter Waves in Bose Fermi MixturesNumerical evolution of the coupled Gross-Pitaevski/Landau-Ginzburg dynamics of a Bose-Fermi mixture in a 3D trap. Full Schroedinger dynamics of th

Boson - Boson theme

Boson theme

boson-sick - Boson homesick file

Boson homesick file

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