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The Basic Object System (BOS) means to provide a dynamic environment for hosting and using components. It can also be described as a general purpose software framework based on component technology.



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for BOS custom-develop project

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ISWE is a code generation framework + architecture reference implementation that provides an easy startup on developing you application when using :JEE GWT Spring JPA Google Apps Engine From JPA entities ISWE generates all the code and configuration files that your applications needs: DAO (for both standard JPA, Hibernate and JPA on GAE) BO (Business Objects) - with spring security annotations Façade – with Spring @Transaction annotations GWT Controllers – Responsible to deal with the GUI r

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Brew Competition Online Entry & ManagementVersion Now AvailableThis release address several small bugs and feature enhancements that were reported to Google Code and SourceForge between October 21, 2011 and November 30, 2011. Bugs:  Issue 109  - Admin Add/Edit Entries  Issue 111  - Upload Image Function  Issue 112  - Users Not Seeing Entries  Issue 113  - Registration Showing Entry Closed Date  Issue 114  - Competition Contacts Not Working  Issue 115  - Incorrect Names on Results List  I

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This project supplies an ActionScript based SCXML engine. Getting startedSupported ElementsUsing the data elementThe ECMAScript Data ModelThe XPath Data ModelConditional ExpressionsLocation ExpressionsContexts and EvaluatorsUsing custom actionsInvolve in SCXML4Flex State Chart XML (SCXML) is currently a Working Draft published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SCXML provides a generic state-machine based execution environment based on Harel State Tables. SCXML is a candidate for the contro


A powerful but simple library for measuring the performance of Haskell code.


A Haskell library for working with files and directories. Includes code for pattern matching, finding files, modifying file contents, and more.