Basic Operating System

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The goal of the Basic Operating System (BOS) project is to write a new modular and fast operating system in NASM and GCC.



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Boscodecontrol - BOS code control

for BOS custom-develop project


The Basic Object System (BOS) means to provide a dynamic environment for hosting and using components. It can also be described as a general purpose software framework based on component technology. BOS

BOS – operating System, is an operating system dedicated to small microcontrollers and CPUs without MMU. Actually is dedicated to Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers (it can be ported to other CPUs without great changes)

Touchprocess - PROCESSBASE goes mobile.

Bonita Open Solution User Interface for touch devices like Android-based tablets or iPad.How to install: Download Bonita Open Solution Tomcat-based Bundle Download touchprocess-1.0.war Start Bonita Open Solution Tomcat-based Bundle Copy touchprocess-1.0.war to your ../BOS-5.5.1-Tomcat-6.0.32/webapps folder Open http://yourserver:port/touchprocess-1.0 Enjoy your processes on your tab devices. Send your issues, ideas, etc to marat(at) or just open an issue TouchProcess is licensed u

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