Bork File Encrypter

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Bork is a very small, cross-platform file encryption utility. It is written in Java and designed to be included along with the files it encrypts for long-term storage (eg on CD-R). Its minimal external dependencies make it fairly futureproof.



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Welcome to the nextShows project homepage NOTE TO KDE 4 USERSAlthough KDE 4 can execute KDE 3 SuperKaramba widgets, nextShows is really borked (at least with KDE 4.1.x). For some unknown reasons many things aren't working as expected. I plan to port nextShows to Plasma (Edit: finally it won't be a plasmoid thanks to the poor documentation/tutorials on KDE websites) but I can't give any date therefore it'll be out "when it's ready"©. DescriptionA desktop widget (aka applet) for SuperKaramba that

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Welcome to our website: My current reseach interest mainly focused on the following some aspects:1: The study of machine learning and statistical learning alogrithms such as random forest, kernel methods etc. 2: The computation of moelcular descriptors with python (ChemoPy package), including all types of currently used molecular descriptors such as topological, geometrical, constitutional, fingerprint, and quantum chemical, porperties etc. 3: The computation of prot