Project BORIS

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Powerful example of a FULLY pluggable multimedia and text editing and review suite - support for an extensive range of file types can be provided for by the use of plugins, and properly-formatted XML modules.



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Next-generation jQuery Templates, optimized for high-performance pure string-based rendering, without DOM or jQuery dependency.

P4eclipse - Perforce Team Provider for Eclipse

p4eclipse was an Eclipse team provider plug-in originally developed by Boris Pruessmann and David Corbin. The project is no longer active. Perforce Corporation now provides a full featured Team Provider.

Crossxhr - Cross-Domain XmlHttpRequest drop-in- replacement

Standard ajax does not allow cross-domain requests. CrossXhr is a simple to use solution that transparently solves this problem for your ajax needs. CrossXhr adds a 1-pixel flash to the web-page that facilitates xhr communication. Please note that source code of this project has moved to Git Hub: Author: Boris Reitman

Crypto2 - AES algorithm

In this project you can examine cryptographic algorithm AES. This code is written using Java. Here, you can see AES transformations (SubBytes, MixColumns, ShiftRows and KeyExpansion) in action. After the first phase, when you get familiar with AES transformations, you can try to experiment with AES algorithm, to reorder it's transformations (treat them as META-transformations), in experimental purposes. You ca also look at my crypto1 project at Boris Damjanovic

Boris-game - A cross-platform tetris clone developed using C++ and Lua.

Boris is a cross platform open source tetris clone, released under the permissive zlib License. This project was developed with the intention of showcasing my programming abilities in C++ and Lua, which were developed while creating this project. Specific features include: A resource handling system for both free files and resource files. Modest graphical effects like screen fades, color overlay and zooming (Using SDL_gfx). An event handling system which allows event delegation to both C++ and L

Fischer-chess-club - Fischer Chess Club

The Fischer Chess Club project is a chess server project started by Java developer Ryan Chiu in the summer of 2010. The club was created as a tribute to past chess player and world champion Bobby Fischer. Robert James "Bobby" Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. He broke the Soviet domination of the World Championship in the late 1900's when he became the first American to win the championship title by defeating Boris Spassky of the USSR in Reykjavik, Icelan

Mipt-vis - compiler-specific graphs visualization and analysis

MIPT-VIS ProjectThe project is developed in the Intel-MIPT students laboratory by a group of students from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology( MIPT) under Intel employees mentoring. Mipt-vis is an open source tool that helps you to visualize compiler-specific graphs. It is also capable for performing different analyses on graphs. Primary goal is to implement user interface, layout algorithm and import of IR dumps from GCC and ICC. In its primary intention MIPT_VIS is an educational proje

Mashup-boris-basedstore - Based Store

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.