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Blog Oriented Publishing (BOP) is a database-backed web content management system designed to offer users with limited privledges on their web server the benefits of a sophisticated CMS.



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Ibop - Inteligent Being Oriented Programming

"Everything comes to life with iBop" iBop is a new programming paradigm based on using beings with a specific function to interact with other beings to fulfill the function of a program, activity or precess. iBop is capable of running on any platform because it runs on a virtual machine which in turn is an operating system adapted to each device, including a limited capacity devices. Programming in iBop is very easy, since it involves giving instructions to an intelligent being with a profession

Bop-studying - BKITWeb Open Project - Quang Vũ

Collection of Quang Vũ's projects in BKITWeb Open Project (BOP) BOP is a studying project of University of Technology (Việt Nam) students For more information, go to the following sites: University of Technology (�ại học Ba�ch Khoa TPHCM): BKITClub, a club of IT students: BOP: My project: contact me:

Bop2dat - Process Bio-Optical-Package (B.O.P.) data

This project aims to develop matlab code to take AC-S raw (binary) data, convert it, and apply the relevant corrections.

Banhang - Thuc hien BOP

Day la du an phat trien WEB ban hang tren mang cua 1102

Django-plus7 - Django Plus7 is an admin extension for Django

The name is derived from Django Reinhardt and the "plus7" group that released the "Bop Things & Cool Strings" album. Currently this is a playground for a group of developers interested in enhancing the Django admin in an unobtrusive way. Primary objectives and guidelines: Enhance the admin unobtrusively Replace all scripts/components/controls with jquery/ui counterparts Provide a skin as a look and feel alternative Provide UI enhancements/controls for popular Django plug-ins Use available plug-i

Bopproject - Not your ordinary RPG.

InformationThis is BOP Project, a game we hope to develop in the near future...with awesome gameplay features and in-jokes. Yes. RPG Maker XPCurrently this project uses Enterbrain's RPG Maker XP as its game engine. The file rgss102e.dll is required for those who do not have RPG Maker XP previously installed on their system in order for the game to run. The run time package (RTP) is not required to run the game. Our latest (and first) working demo can be accessed from the Downloads page. For thos

Cordysbf - Cordys Build Framework

IntroductionThe main purpose of the build framework is to make the development process of Cordys applications scalable (with more people), distributed (on more machines, in remote locations) and repeatable (predictable result). As long as a developer works standalone, developing alone and there is no need to transfer this to another system, the default Cordys development environment is sufficient. The moment he/she starts developing in a team and with source control based versioning the build fr

Jinhabop - Jinha Bop igoogle page

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Fatality - Fatality - Burning Steppes

EPGP Loot System Please visit for more info into the mechanics behind the system The basics are you are rewarded Effort Point (EP) for participating in raids etc. and you are charged GP points for winning items. EP is then divided by GP to give you priority (PR). The person with the highest priority wins the item. The rolling will work as follows: BoE items will be looted by the raid leader and dealt with after the raid where the appropriate amount of

bopit - Bop it game

Bop it game