Autotools Bootstrapper

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The bootstrapper program is designed to work along with autoconf, automake and libtool. It will scan a project's and generate a custom made bootstrap script which will then be used to create a configure script. It will also be able to clean



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Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool enable you to easily create bootable DVD or USB Keys for Windows 7 installation from the ISO file downloaded from Microsoft Store.

OMS.Water - Bootstrapper

Water is a prerequisite bootstrapper and installer chainer based on WiX Burn. With Water you can easily create sophisticated WPF bootstrapper applications with modern UI.


bootster is a bootstrapper for small/medium sized .net web projects.

Jremotebootstrap - Java Application Network Bootstrapping Library

Java Bootstrap Client LibraryProject Information UsageServer:To run the server java -cp JRemoteBootstrapper.jar org.franza.bootstrapper.server.Server Optional To change the port number that the server runs on add -Dport=3000 to the command line arguemnts. Client:To run the client either double-click the jar file, to load the graphical chooser or run the client java -jar JRemoteBootstrapper.jar -Dclass="_the.main.class_" org.franz

dotNetInstaller: setup bootstrapper for Windows (MOVED TO GITHUB)

Setup bootstrapper for Windows. You can use dotNetInstaller to create a setup bootstrapper to install the correct prerequisites software components for your application setup.

WixWPF Bootstrapper

A derivation of the managed bootstrapper from the Wix Toolset that helps you create completely custom managed bootstrapper UI with less effort.


Bootstrappers is the base Rails application using Bootstrap template and other goodies.

WiX Extended Bootstrapper Application

An extended WiX bootstrapper Application based on the WiX standard bootstrapper application.

bootstrapper - Laravel Twitter Bootstrap Bundle

Laravel Twitter Bootstrap Bundle


Bootstrapper uses a convention over configuration approach to initialize your IOC container, create automapper maps and run any other startup tasks that your application might need.