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bootimg loads a kernel image into memory, and boots this image directly from the running kernel. This is useful for building Linux-based boot loaders, for very rapid reboots, and it can be a building block for post-mortem processing after a kernel has



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Android-cruft - A collection of tips and tricks we discovered while hacking on androids

A place for android hacks that needed a home. Lucid on Android22 August 2010: LucidWithAndroid has instructions on a stripped down, upgraded (from Karmic to Lucid) disk image based on the image. SVN repositoryThis will probably get rearranged soon, but here's what's there right now: Head over to the Source browser to see what's here. As the root directory README says: This project contains files corresponding to a bunch of random hacks for android, mostly dealing with porting C

Jacheroplus - This page is for tracking JACHero issues + downloads

JACHero! This ROM is built from the WWE HTC Hero leak. As with any other ROM there is a risk involved in the process, I'f you have any doubts you should just leave it alone or do some more research and get comfortable with what you are actually doing before proceeding! You will also need the new radio/spl here I have compiled two builds, one based of the WWE Hero leak which is my build and the other based of Fatality's Hero ROM due to requests. Downloads are located here JACHero r2.3.3! Modified

Superhero-v1-2v-v3 - AndroidBuilds

Beta 1: The build is off of the leaked hero beta from xdan. Rosie.apk was ported over. Includes: Super user, terminal, busybox, meltus v4 audio mod, lockscreen with updated wallpaper, l3wishes boot screen, new fonts, new colored app tab for rosie, updated boot.img with latest kernel unionfs supported. Testing a couple apps so internal memory on first boot will be 12mb before apps2sd. Next update will have greater internal memory. Intructions: re

bootimg - xt701 bootimg

xt701 bootimg

unbootimg - Utility for unpacking boot.img

Utility for unpacking boot.img

bootimg - ????????????bootimg??:


fastboot-repack - automate boot.img regenerate (will maintain just this linux version)

automate boot.img regenerate (will maintain just this linux version)

Kernel-Tools - Kernel-Tools For Galaxy Y Duos....Unpack-Repack Boot.img .......

Kernel-Tools For Galaxy Y Duos....Unpack-Repack Boot.img .......

android_tool - android_tools for allwinner boot.img system.img ...

android_tools for allwinner boot.img system.img ...