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This is a C++ logging library implementation being proposed to the Boost library collection. It aims for extensibility and flexibility while moderately affecting user's application performance.



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Loglite - A small logging library

A small C++ logging libraryGetting StartedYou will need the boost library (at least 1.34.0) you can find it here. For help on how to compile boost: Getting Started. Once boost is compiled, you can give it a try by compiling the examples Download the loglite using svn. Go into the folder gcc and follow the instructions supplied in the README file. You're done. Much more is possible thanks to Boost.IOStreams and Boost.Asio. Look at logging_test_iostream.cpp for an example of log compressed on the

Azouk-libraries - Libraries and goodies created for

Azouk LibrariesAzouk libraries contain: Multiplexer distributed Logging component MultiplexerMultiplexer is short for Azouk Enterprise Message Bus. It consists of server that acts as a service broker, client library, abstract classes for writing Multiplexer-based backends and services and provides fast, robust, fault-tolerant, asynchronous communication in distributed environment. Both client library and backend classes are available in C++ Python Java (for Java client & server contact the proje

Win32 Registry Activity Monitor

A simple program written in Delphi that monitors registry activity on win32 systems. In short a registry key and class are statically added to the code, the program is then run and as changes are made by other applications to the key and all its sub keys the changes are logged an

Eavesdropper - Simple socket based logging and reporting system for debugging

Eavesdropper is a set of tools which allows a developer to pipe data from somewhere within his application to a separate viewer via a socket. The viewer is written in Python for cross platform support and rapid development. The embedded server is available both in c++ using Boost.ASIO for networking as well as a Python implementation.

Logress - C++ metaprogramming framework to build executable (and self verifying) execution logs

The basic idea is to provide a simple set of primitives for logging functions and method calls at an API boundary, and then taking those logs and executing them to do regression tests. The project is currently self contained, but could probably be shrunk dramatically if it were to use boost instead. Currently the project compiles with GCC on OS X, but most of the code was building with Visual Studio at some point in the recent past, so hopefully it wouldn't be too painful to get that working aga

Plainlib - C++ library for common, platform dependent operations

Features: BinaryBuffer, BinaryReader, BinaryWriter minimalistic SocketTCP and SocketSelector classes client/server classes built on top of SocketTCP console functions for setting the title, text color etc. classes for time measuring flexible log class based on std::ostream Mutex and MutexLock (internally required for thread safety in some console functionality) experimental support for reading and writing UTF16 files a MySQL wrapper for the most important things everything in namespace plib or p

Winx - WinxGui - A C++ GUI Template Library

IntroductionWinxGui (abbreviated to WINX) focus the goal: MOST SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE. It is a C++ template GUI library that easy to use, and compatible to WTL. WTL is an effective Windows GUI library. However, it is not SIMPLE. WINX support WYSIWYG window GUI development. If you want to contribute to WinxGui Library, Take a look at our task list. News2009-04-19: Release winx-2.3.01, boost-memory-2.3.01, stdext-2.3.01, tpl-2.3.01Please download winx-2.3.01 from here, download boost-memory-2.3.01,

Vncafe - Small internet cafe management software

Server & Client Features Computer control and monitoring : shutdown/restart/lock off, capture client screens, view surfing web sites Terminate process remotely Disable registry edit/task manager ... on client computer Block IP of black websites (using mini firewall on client) Support file transfer Support file logging Support multicast Auto update Auto connect Packet monitoring (client) Play flash while client is being locked Unicode support Order management(food, drink ...) Prepaid/postpaid man

Apache-scalp - Apache log analyzer for security

Scalp! is a log analyzer for the Apache web server that aims to look for security problems. The main idea is to look through huge log files and extract the possible attacks that have been sent through HTTP/GET (By default, Apache does not log the HTTP/POST variable). How it worksScalp is basically using the regular expression from the PHP-IDS project and matches the lines from the Apache access log file. These regexp has been chosen because of their quality and the top activity of the team maint

Cpp-project-template - C++ Project Template - A Quick Template for Creating a Cross-Platform C++ App

C++ Application Project TemplateNOTE: The C++ Library Project Template can be found here. Creating a new C++ project from scratch can involve a lot of tedium and overhead. The purpose of this project is to provide a template which can be easily modified to create your own C++ project with minimal effort. Key features of this template include: Use of the CMake build system. Makefile wrapper for invoking CMake. Automatic configuration of files ending in: ".in.h.cmake" "" Testing for and