Boost Extras

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Helper classes and functions to ease the use of boost templates. Specifically, at this time, this includes a set of helpers for the intrusive_ptrlt;gt; template.



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Plogin - PHP Login System

PLogin: a PHP login system that is database independent. PLogin is a user-management system complete with registration and login scripts written purely in PHP. In fact, PHP is all it requires to run. It needs absolutely no database, no extra libraries, and no specific server-side software. Despite its simplicity, PLogin also provides a layer of security so that the average computer-savvy internet user cannot exploit its defenses. No coding knowledge is required to use PLogin and it will eventual

Managed-directx - Xtro.MDX : A managed DirectX layer for writing multimedia and game applications on

Xtro.MDXXtro.MDX is a managed DirectX layer competing with SlimDX or similar libraries which enable .NET programmers to develop multimedia and game applications in their favorite .NET language like C#, VB, Delphi.NET, Oxygene, etc. The aspect of this library is to preserve the method call structure and the naming convention of native DirectX. So, everything is used in the same way with the DirectX SDK documentation. No additional logic is implemented and no extra method calls are made in the wra

Commfx - Communication framework

Communication framework and extra tools, Basic communication object to automate server,client,proxy. Advanced tools for: Load management, statistical queries dynamic header creator\\handler\\serialization. Framework: extra tools for easy develop.

Project-narwhal - Student game development project in java

ABOUTCodename Project Narwhal is a Student developed computer game with an arcade spaceship genre. Developed in JAVA under the GNU public license v3. Game resources was made by the developers or from other open source projects with permission. Don't take credit of our work, but do otherwise whatever you want with it. Enjoy! Johan Jansen and Anders Eie TODO LISTList of things we didn't have time to finish. Or were too lazy to finish. MAJOR TODO: Uber antimatter rockets Tetiary weapon for campaign

Yal - Yet Another ( JavaScript ) Loader

yal.js, the micro size JS loaderyal.js on githubIf you prefer: aboutyal.js is a truly tiny library partially inspired by both LAB.js and yepnope.js projects. In about 0.6Kb minzipped yal does really few things but it does them right: accepts one to N string arguments to be loaded asynchronously if one or more argument is a function, it appends to the loading queue the returned string value, if any manages loading queue through one or more yal.wait() method

Nativeboost - Squeak NativeBoost plugin source code

This is a home site for NativeBoost project. NativeBoost NativeBoost is a project, which enabling running machine code, generated dynamically by language side. It can be used for Squeak and Pharo, running on top of Cog virtual machine. It requires a small plugin and little modification(s) to Cog Virtual Machine in order to enable running native code. The rest functionality residing at language side. At language side, there are two major parts - AsmJit, a package which lets you generate x86 machi

Propcomp - Totem Entity Development Kit

Totem EDK - a component based entity system using shared propertiesTotem is an Entity Development Kit designed from the idea of writing an intuitive API for Entity behavior and property definition through aggregation. An Entity consist of multiple components that defines it's behavior, while referencing necessary properties of the Entity required for each behavior to function. The approach originated from the realization that the most common relationship between components in an Entity, is the r

Commonkit - C++ Cross-platform Component-based Framework

Cross-platform component-based C++ software development framework providing smart pointers support for both internal and external reference counting schemes, events dispatching, undo/redo automation, concurrency mechanisms, transparent support for scalability (smart shared objects loader), high-level network interaction (based on boost::asio) and support for distributed systems design and implementation ("Remoting" component). The mainstream of CommonKit project development is an idea that it is

Game-fire - Accelerate Your Gaming Experience.

Game Fire is a FREE open source PC games accelerator utility that enables you to enjoy your favorite modern PC games by transforming your personal computer into a powerful gaming machine with a touch of button. Game Fire is suitable for beginners, it does not require any technical knowledge at all, as it provides easy to understand options like A,B,C. Touch & Play:Transform your computer into a powerful gaming machine with a touch of button, thanks to Gaming Profile that customizes the way Game

Phantom-cpp - A scalable meta-programming C++ extension providing User-allocator integration, Reflec

P reprocessed H igh-level A llocators N ested-state-machine and T emplate O riented M eta-programming DependenciesPhantom needs some third part library to work. Inside the phantom projects, some environment variable are defined and must point to the path of some dependencies you need to install and/or build : BOOST GOOGLE TEST (for unit test) : MotivationsPhantom was born from the desire to m