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Simple audio player with built-in database. It has no playlist, instead it simply plays songs from current search results. It has support for queing up songs to be played, replacing much of the need for a playlist.



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Fabs-boombox - Fab's Boombox

Fab's Boombox is a javascript library for a music player. It is built on top of Sound Manager 2 by Scott Schiller and the Ext 3.0 Core library. Screenshot of what we're talking about The library provides a high level API for interacting with common elements including Tracks, Playlists, and Players. It also comes with a neat UI that kind of looks and behaves like the winamp mini bar. The project started out as a small widget for a client's site. But, as per usual, I went a bit crazy with it while

Bambox - gtk internet radio tuner

the internet radio tuner How does bambox look like? GoalThis project's aim is to create a simple application that will permit the user listen to his favorite online radio stations with a clean interface and the sound quality that gstreamer provides. FeaturesAs of now, the project is been transcribed to C++ (from C) and has no features implemented. Hard work is been put into the project and features will emerge one by one quickly. Future FeaturesPlay and stop functions Station addition and deleti

b00mb0x - its a boombox

its a boombox

boombox.js - HTML5 audio and jQuery boombox

HTML5 audio and jQuery boombox


A ghetto blaster for web app deployment.

boombox - mp3 player with playlist

mp3 player with playlist


A game for the TIGSource 'A Game By Its Cover' compo.

boombox - TeamSnap's future Vagrant base box

TeamSnap's future Vagrant base box