Mobile Bookshelf

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An e-text reader for java mobile phones.



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bookshelf - A Promise based Node.js ORM with some Backbone

A Promise based Node.js ORM with some Backbone


BookShelf is a web application that allows users to create an online list of their book collections.

Libros - Social bookshelf software

The system allows users to create and manage collections of books. Collections and books can be reviewed and shared. The software runs on Google App Engine.

Virtualbookshelf - share your books through Skype

Little Skype extension which allows you to see which books are available within your neighbourhood's bookshelf (your buddies).


iBookshelf is an application for cataloging your book collection and designing bookshelves based on this data.

Book-shelf - your books. on a (virtual) shelf.

Keep track of your books (the printed kind). Whether it be because you are OCD about organization or want a way to show your insurance company what books were burned in a fire, hopefully this will work for you.

Booktagg - Picasa for books. Tag your book library. Quickly display, search and categorise your real

Like picasa, but for books. Features: Import a list of ISBNs and a database of your books is created. Images and book data are automatically downloaded from Amazon. Multiple books can be selected and tagged at the same time. Amazon wishlists can be imported with user specified tags. ebooks can be associated with entries and automatically launched.

Onlinebrary - web-service for easy ebooks/html-pages/rss converting for wide range of ebook-read dev

It is all about In future it may become online bookshelf (ebooks storage) with converting functions. milestones 0.1web request flow book titles search through aggregation rss to fb2 html to pdf (simple) 0.2html to pdf (device specific format) + html2fb investigation rss to pdf fb2pdf investigation 0.3cron jobs for converting? kind of "morning newsletter" smart to pdf converting (forms/banners/js stripping) firebug-like blocks selection for to-pdf/to-fb2 converting 0.4persistent d

Autolib - Catalogues your books, pulling information from web sources.

Auto LibrarianProject DescriptionOne very worthwhile mission is to be able to link physical objects to online information about the objects. In general a research problem -- so for this project we consider those most worthy of objects -- books. The aim is to use image segmentation and optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the individual books on a bookshelf, use this to index your office or home bookshelves, while also enhancing the physical "browsing" experience by supplying a mash up

Jgrid - Grid Component for Java Swing

Grid Component for Java Swing For more infos visit my website: Webstart-DemosPictureViewer Bookshelf APIAny developer who uses core swing-components like the JList or the JTable is familar with the technics of the JGrid. The JGrid uses interfaces and functions from the core swing toolkit. Compatibility to the JListJGrid is a JComponent for displaying lists of data in a grid. Many of the functions and used technics are similar to the JList. The JGrid used the default List