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A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering.



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Bookr-air - 以网站API为数æ�®æ�¥æº�çš„AIRå°�程åº�。å�¯ä»¥æ�œç´¢è±†ç“£ä¸ŠæŸ�书的基本信æ�¯å

说明由于webkit内核�支�中文输入,�能输入英文,或者拷�中文到输入框; 生�air文件的时候用的是我自己�的签�,安装的时候会有警告�示,但�会造�任何风险; 通过javascript调用网站�供的API,以jsonp的方�; 欢迎到我的Blog进行讨论。 更新:adobe air�级到1.1,支�中文输入了�

Ebookr - A Mac OS X client to copy eBooks to your iPhone, for use with

eBookr is a Mac OS X program that provides an easy way to copy eBooks (in the form of text, HTML, or PalmDOC files) to the EBooks folder in which looks for eBooks. Facilities are also provided for "prettifying" plain text, and for splitting files into easy-to-read chunks (by chapter, for example). eBookr requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is a Universal application, but has so far only been tested on Intel Macs.

Ozbookr - BookR - a document viewer for the Sony PSP (OZ Edition)

BookR - a multi-language document viewer for the Sony PSP. Supports PDF, TXT, Palm Doc, DJVU, CHM, HTML. OZ Edition - by Oleg Zhuk ( What's new: 2008-06-29 - Added menu localization. - Added Russian language. 2008-06-21 - Fixed. Reset txt font to default after restart. - Fixed. Crash if last file or font does't exist. - Visual Studio 2008 Solution. Installation: - Download and Unpack archive. - Copy BookR folder to PSP X:/PSP/GAME/ folder. Based on 8.1 version by 2009 Nguyen Ch

Bookr-mod - An enhanced version of Bookr - PDF/DJVU/TXT reader for PSP

Based on the latest cvs src code of bookr at This project is only for bug tracking and binary release. No source code is hosted here. 安装方法371/4xx/5xx 将Bookr-Mod-fw371_4xx_5xx-<date>.zip 中的内容解压到MS0:/psp/game/bookr中。 150 将bookr150-<date>.zip 解压到/psp/game150(�需�建立bookr�目录)中。 中日韩文字体安装方法 新版Bookr内嵌支�中日韩文字,如果���外安装CJK字体在大多数情况下也�显示中日韩文。也�

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