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Client/server implementation of a bookmark manager, with native integration with your favorite browsers, web-based viewing, undeletion, integrity checks, shared subscriptions, etc. Bookmarks are kept in sync across multiple computers, browsers, and OSs.



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bookmarksync: Browser Bookmark Synchroni

bookmarksync is a tool used for synchronizing different bookmark files and types. It preserves current bookmark structures and sorts in new ones correctly in existing directorys or create new one if necessary. WORKING

Jaxlex - Rich Links Manager

jaxlex is a cross-platform rich links manager with the goal of overcoming the inherent limitations and inflexibilities of the XBEL format ( and the Bookmarksync ( project. FeaturesMost of these features are lifted directly from the mozilla feature-request wiki. Smart Folders and TaggingI would like to be able to sort my bookmarks into 'Smart Folders,' and have those folders contain bookmarks based on various c