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Bookmark4U is an web-server application, which is based on Apache + PHP + MySQL. Bookmark4U is intended to provide a comfortable bookmarking environment for users.



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Playlist-creation-tools - Music Playlist Creation Tools

Music Playlist Creation ToolsThis project has moved to Github! The new home is: Please update your bookmarks and feel free to follow and/or contribute.

Kspnew - KSP audio player

KSP is music player for Windows and Linux. At the moment KSP provides functionality like however KSP is constantly developed and ne features are added with each new release: Media Library support MP3, WMA and OGG support (read below full list of supported formats) M3U and PLS playlists support Plugins support Bookmarks support Icecast/shoutcast support and more... KSP requires 16 MB of HDD and can be installed on Windows XP or newer. KSP also supports Linux based systems (see download section) A

Fop-miniscribus - XSL-FO Fop MiniScribus

Fop MiniScribus XSL-FO(latest stable version 1.0.3)XSL Formatting Objects markup language WYSIWYG editor (xsl-fo). XML document formatting which is most often used to generate PDFs. Release the new MiniScribus Scribe forks version 2.0.0 beta Avaiable on SVN source or a win32 build on download section. Use 7-zip to open the win32 build it have a bz compression method default window zip can not handle it. Build from source:Macx or linux /* only libxslt libxml2 libiconv are ne