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A simple resource booking system used by the scuba diving union.



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Genericbookingsystem - Generic Booking System

Generic Booking System build with java

Openbooking - OpenBooking - open source web based resource booking application

openBooking is a free, open source web-based application, designed for use in schools, colleges and educational institutions to allow easy control and booking of an almost limitless set of bookable resources - from meeting rooms to laptops, projectors, lecture theatres and televisions. It is being developed by Craig Watson at Aberystwyth University as part of my Major Project. As well as contributing to my overall degree class, the project will also be released under the terms of the Mozilla Pub

Booking-System - Bookingsystem for handling bookings

Bookingsystem for handling bookings

marmTicket - A simple bookingsystem based on OXID eShop

A simple bookingsystem based on OXID eShop


Development of a Drupal based modul for booking computers at public institutions.