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Latest iteration in the Bonnie family of benchmarks. Tests large file IO and creation/deletion of small files.



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Bonnie-64 - A recent version of the elderly filesystem benchmark

Bonnie, originally written in 1989-90 when I was in the employ of the Oxford English Dictionary project, is a C-language benchmark measuring the performance of Unix filesystems. There is some discussion at There is another version of Bonnie, Bonnie++, developed by Russell Coker, which appears both at and - it is in C++ and includes many tests that Bonnie doesn't. It works around the 32-bit

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The site for who needs to buy vehicles online and they can find available vehicles and reserve and order

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Bonnie++ to Google Chart graphs

Bonny2.0 - Fullständiga versionen av Bonny

Fullständiga versionen av Bonny


This plugin extends the NexentaStor appliance to work with Bonnie Benchmark suite

bonniecms-captchaq - Simple BonnieCms captcha generator

Simple BonnieCms captcha generator

GroupProject - 147 Group Project - Bonnie, Kelly, Misha

147 Group Project - Bonnie, Kelly, Misha

bonnie - Fork of PATCHED.

Fork of PATCHED.