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Bombz is a simple puzzle game in the spirit of Sokoban where you must push bombs into strategic positions before detonating them to destroy walls blocking your path. It is a portable rewrite of a game originally written for the Acorn Archimedes.



Related Projects

Bombz-gtk - A Linux minesweeper clone written with the GTK-- (gtkmm) toolkit.

A Minesweeper-like game intended for Linux, written using the GTK-- (gtkmm) toolkit and following GTK styling standards. Current features are easy, medium, hard, and custom gameplay modes, plus a scoreboard. An initial, stable version 1.0 is now out. You can grab the source in Downloads. @Gentoo users: there's also an ebuild available in Downloads. @Arch Linux users: bombz-gtk is now in the AUR. Make sure to check out the Wiki for installation instructions as well as other useful pages we may po