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BOMBER is 3D airplane simulator game in OpenGL. This game is to be part of upcoming Game Development Tutorial.



Related Projects


This game, I hope it will be soon, a good Clone of the game AtomicBomberMan. It supports multiplayer over the Internet. It's a funny smal game which can be very funny with other human players.

Bomman - BomberMan game

Just an other BomberMan game Programmiersprache: Java Entwicklungsumgebung: Netbeans


Bomber is a j2me MIDP 2.0 game based on a Spectrum 48k classic original game. It was developed using Sun Java Wireless Toolkit and is tested on Nokia 6234 mobile phone.

Pybombv1 - a simple email bomber written in python

A very simple extremely lightweight email bomber. Right now i am make so that i can learn the start to finish of making an application.

Coffeebombermen - Coffee BomberMen is a bomberman code

Coffee BomberMen is a multiplayer lan-based bomberman clone written in java. It's a fork of the game called BomberMen. The code, the gfx and the sfx are heavily rewritten, bugfixed, enhanched.

Pybomber - a game bomberman like developed in python

PyBomber is a copy of the game "Bomberman" made in python using pygame

Bomber-2-man - Oldschool bomberman with multiplayer mode

Bomber-2-man is a simple 2D bomberman-like game with online multiplayer mode for (at least) 2 players. It is created in C# as a project for studies.