Bolt Platform

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The Bolt Platform is designed to take alot of the unnecessary burden of creating video games away from the programmers and put in where it belongs, on the computer. It centers on a new programming language(similar to java) designed 100% for game creation



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A collection of spouts, bolts, serializers, DSLs, and other goodies to use with Storm


A nuts-and-bolts C++ toolkit.

Lightning-yosh - survive the thunder

In this game your goal is simple, you're a tiny thunder fellow trying to pass through some king of dangerous thunderstorm !! So you just have to avoid incoming lightning bolts as fast as possible. Getting touched will turn you to neo-blue

Javascript-distilled - A nascent JavaScript Common Lisp interpreter

Come join the fun! This is the beginning of a JavaScript Common Lisp (CL) interpreter. Just a fun project to help me learn the nuts and bolts of CL. Not sure where this is going, but let me know if you are interested.

Ssof - A fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch game

Stupendous Source of FireWizards fight each other in different arenas using exploding fireballs, bouncing lightning bolts, target-locking magic missiles and magic swords that deflect spells. Short-term plans: Some code cleanup Improved graphics and effects. Small game physics improvements. Long-term plans: Adding bots. Decoupling world updates and screen updates. Decoupling drawing from absolute positions so that the game may work exactly in the same way in different resolutions. Enabling networ

Uva-core - Uva Core - SIF toolkit

The Schools Interoperability Framework, or SIF, is an open specification that enables disparate K-12 applications to interact and share data. Applications communicate on a SIF Zone through an intermediary known as an agent. Uva Core is an open solution that simplifies writing SIF agents by abstracting the nuts and bolts of the SIF specification to high-level classes, allowing schools, vendors, and integrators to write powerful agents with nothing more than a basic understanding of SIF and a litt

Bwcharshare - Burning Wheel Character Tools

Ever play The Burning Wheel over the internet and have to keep track of character sheets for multiple people, who rolled what, and many other things that you take for granted on a real tabletop? This project is being developed to keep track of the nuts and bolts the character sheet, join your character to a party to share and view others' characters, and contribute to the party by testing your stats and skills in an integrated roll tool.

Reaper ECAD libraries

Libraries for building tools and scripts for ECAD. Contains physical, circuit and Verilog libraries bolted into the 'carrion' module.


'LightingBolt' is a fully-featured, preemptive, modular, real-time kernel developed for the ARM7/9 family of microcontroller.

Online-as-logger - Open Source - Online ActionScript Logger for Flex/Flex

View output onlineThe Online AS Logger is a powerful tool for displaying log messages into browser console, web or native application. Most common use tracing outputs from MXML or AS files, but you can also embed AS Logger into HTML page for display outputs using: AS Logger XPanel for FLEX/Flash Mozilla FireFox using FireBug Add-on ThunderBolt AS3 Console Create native application and integrate with AS Logger (for example: Microsoft COM/OCX). The advantages using AS Logger: You do not have limit