BoilerPlate - Reusable CORBA

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Boiler-plate code for bootstrapping CORBA 2.5+ applications. The goal is to create a set of cooperative services and components needed by CORBA apps. Essentially, a pre-fabricated CORBA infrastructure that facilitates component based software engineering



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Fast Code Plugin is a free eclipse plugin designed to help write code faster in Java and Php applications. In Java, it has some special features for applications that uses the well known Spring Framework. It helps to generate code snippets based on fields from arbitrary pojo class or class from any package or files in folder, Generates database templates, Spring config files, Boiler plate classes, Junit test code and lote more.

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The Fit code generator is a tool that can be used to generate Fit tables and their equivalent Java classes. The generator saves time, and eliminates waste on software projects, by creating boiler plate code that would otherwise need completing manually.

Newfangle - Newfangle: clear, concise, and powerful GUIs in Scala

Newfangle is a GUI library for Scala. Newfangle is clear and conciseNewfangle's declarative syntax allows developers/designers to define a GUI in a more intuitive way. Newfangle is powerfulNewfangle provides powerful and flexible databindings through Signals. Signals allow developers to focus more on how data is flowing, then writing boiler plate listener, getter, and setter code.

Cruddy-net - Cruddy.NET (CRUD + Buddy) aim to provide a thin layer to interact with Stored Procedure

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JEE Agile code generation mechanismTrango combines Annotation and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) technologies to generate boiler plate, persistent, unit test coverage code automatically during the compilation process. This allows developers unlimited degrees of freedom to express themsevles, while taking advantage of code generation productivity. Here are some of Trango's AGILITY features. Generates common boiler plate code (i.e. getter/Setter, id,audit fields,etc) Generates POJO SERVICE and

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Jiffle is a scripting language for creating and analysing raster images. Rather than having to write and test lots of JAI or Java AWT boiler-plate code to access and manipulate images, Jiffle lets you concentrate on the interesting bit: your algorithm. Jiffle is being developed as part of the JAITools project. Update 24 June 2011: Version 0.2.0 now available. See project blog for details.


Just a simple boiler plate that I use for getting started on my own projects.