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Bohemia is a Java framework intended to simplify development of smaller web applications where Struts/JSP may not be justified, providing separation of business and presentation logic. SEE THE PROJECT WEB SITE for essential information.



Related Projects

Kshos - Virtual Machine Manager

Simple virtual machine manager School example for KIV/OS at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Language: Java Team size: 3

Labrea6 - IDS Tarpit Honeypot

LaBrea6is Intrusion detection system (IDS) tarpit honeypot designed for networks based on IPv6 protocol. This project was created as a bachelor's thesis primary for the Center for Information Technology (CIV) at University of West Bohemia for security testing purposes. LaBrea6 is a low interaction honeypot. It's capable of creating a network of virtual hosts. Simulate each host's behavior so that these can attract attackers as viruses worms and other malware. Once the attacker tries to attack th

A2script - Arma 2 script collection

Collection of various scripts and resources for the game Arma 2 by Bohemia Interactive.

Pymodbus - A Modbus Protocol Stack in Python

Although this location will not be removed, The code is now being hosted at About PymodbusPymodbus is a full Modbus protocol implementation using twisted for its asynchronous communications core. It can also be used without any third party dependencies (aside from pyserial) if a more lightweight project is needed. Furthermore, it should work fine under any python version > 2.3 with a python 3.0 branch currently being maintained as well. In terms of features,

Arma-scripting-resources - ArmA 2 Scripting Resources

ArmA scripts, mission templates, and other resources for the latest ArmA game by Bohemia Interactive Studios BIS. Free repository of public scripts and tricks, starter mission templates, and other resources.

Armamedicalsystem - A battlefield medical system for the military simulation game Armed Assault.

A battlefield medical system for the Bohemia Interactive Studios military simulation game Armed Assault. This is designed to extend the role of medics in the game by creating a more realistic set of injuries to be treated, and modelling the treatments and procedures to treat them.

Automated-testing-of-hamiltonian-closures - Automated testing of hamiltonian closures

Closure techniques in Hamiltonian graph theoryEnglishThe subject of this thesis is studying closure techniques in Hamiltonian graph theory, focusing on structural closure technology. Structural closure technology here refers to defined sub-graph (structures) and the characteristics of their surroundings in such a manner, adding that edge to such a structure does not violate global Hamiltonian features. These properties include the absence of Hamiltonian circle Hamiltonian path, Hamiltonian path

Arma2warfare - ArmA 2: Warfare Bomba Edition

ArmA 2: Warfare Bomba EditionThis project is mission for strategic war simulator Armed Assault 2 (ArmA 2) produced by Bohemia Interactive's (BI). The mission version was based on Warfare Benny Edition Warfare is a blend of a team-based multiplayer mission and realtime strategy, where BLUFOR and OPFOR fight for the island control. Key objectives are to capture towns, defend your base and destroy the base of enemy. Both sides are lead by a commander, who influences his side's strategy. There are t

Airlandseasim - Air Land Sea Simulator

Air Land Sea SimulatorA code project to develop a comprehensive, multi-level, real-time engine for military assets (and otherwise) for the purposes of tactical and strategic simulation. Other possible uses would be for transport guidance and scheduling simulation. Software is slated to use C# and possibly XNA, both from Microsoft. Project Goals and IntentIt was either Spectrum Holobyte or MicroProse who intended to create a comprehensive "Electronic Battlefield Series" where simulators for Air (

Sublime-SQF-Language - Sublime Text 2 highlighter for Bohemia Interactive's SQF Language.

Sublime Text 2 highlighter for Bohemia Interactive's SQF Language.