Bochs x86 PC emulator

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Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run Windows, Linux, *BSD, Minix, and other OS's, all on your workstation.



Related Projects


This is a C# version of the famous Bochs IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++. I try to re-write the code using C# in a readable intuitive way. This is the only managed C# emulator for x86 CPUs.

BFE - Bochs Front End

Graphical debugger interface for the Bochs PC emulator.

Projeto-comp2 - Projeto Final Comp 2 (Mini-Siga)

Projeto Final de Computação 2(Java/OO) O projeto consiste em criar um mini-SIGA (Sistema Integrado de Gestão Acadêmica). by: Erick Menezes e Thiago Boche Graduandos em Ciência da Computação - UFRJ

Myos-32bit - This is a very small 32-bit Operating System written in C and assembly.

This is my Hobby OS project. You may use it for educational purpose. This OS kernel is written using gcc-4.1.2 under linux. I used fedora-8, But i think it will be compilable under other linux too. The total OS is developed under QEMU for linux. Tested under BOCHS. and very little tested under Real hardware. The source code has some inline GCC assembly and some NASM assembler files. for compilation a shell script is used. To test this you will need a GRUB floppy and in grub.conf put the kernel p

Nanoos - A C++ asm(x86) Hobby OS developed using g++

Nano OSAn object oriented OS written in C++ and assembly. How toI recommend trying out the floppy disk image(very recent) first. Please download the disk image. use qemu or bochs to boot the image. After you satisfied your self please join the project and checkout the source. Play around and understand what is happening where. then discuss here and try to implement small chunks and small functionality. I will suggest try out modifying the shell code to add few more commands. Next modify IStream

Plex86 - An x86 Virtual Machine

Plex86 is an OSS virtual machine project for x86. It can be used on its own to run Linux VMs using lightweight VM technology, or in conjunction with the bochs emulator as an accelerator to run non VM-friendly OSes.

Peter-bochs - Bochs GUI Debugger - for kernel development

!!! peter-bochs has trouble with bochs 2.5-pre1 win version, please use bochs 2.4 peter-bochs-debugger is a GUI debugger for bochs. I use it to do operating system development. It is written in Java. Here is the screen shot. It works with Bochs version >= 2.3.7 only. Feature list : If you love peter-bochs, write some comments here, thanks. :-) Steps to run peter-bochs-debugger checkout the source here :

Aphrodite-vm - A simple IA-32 emulator

I have strong insterests in virtulization technology. So I try to write a simple virtual machine. Bochs gives me a lot, many of the codes are referenced by Bochs.

Ics-os - An Instructional Operating System

AboutModern real-world operating systems are too complex to be taught to undergraduates and other instructional operating systems are not complete and usable and do not work on real hardware. By providing students with a not so complex working operating system to play with, they will be able to appreciate and understand deeper the concepts underlying an operating system. Thus, this project aims to develop a simple yet operational instructional operating system for teaching undergraduate operatin