Browseable Online Backup System

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Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a complete online backup system. It uses large disks for storing backups and lets users browse and restore the files using a webbrowser.



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JFlex is a lexical analyzer generator (also known as scanner generator). It is also a rewrite of the very useful tool JLex which was developed by Elliot Berk at Princeton University. JFlex is designed to work together with the LALR parser generator CUP by Scott Hudson, and the Java modification of Berkeley Yacc BYacc/J by Bob Jamison. It can also be used together with other parser generators like ANTLR or as a standalone tool.


AnimaBob is an interactive volume rendering tool for generating movies using OpenGL, from a set of dynamic volume data.

Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid

Metal Blob Solid is a 2D platform game, the first in the Blobwars series. You take on the role of a fearless Blob agent, Bob, who's mission is to infiltrate various enemy bases and rescue as many MIAs as possible, while battling many vicious aliens.

Bobscheme - Bob: an educational implementation of Scheme in Python

You can either download the latest source snapshot, or clone the Mercurial repo. The code is in the public domain ( Bob is a suite of implementations of the Scheme language in Python. It currently includes: A Scheme interpreter An implementation of a stack-based virtual machine called the "Bob VM" A compiler from Scheme to Bob VM bytecode A serializer and deserializer for Bob VM bytecode An alternative, functionally-equivalent implementation of the VM in C++ - BareVM Here's a sche

Bobthezombie - Game Development Project

“Oh no, not another Zombie game� That's right, it is another zombie game, but instead of something like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, this is not the Zombie Apocalypse, at least not yet. You are Bob the Head Accountant from the Accounting Department of The Firm. The Firm is a corporate scale laboratory performing experiments with various chemicals to produce many off the shelf products. Bob has an Intern he uses to help file paperwork and work around the office with Bob. One day the Intern dec

Has-magic-columns - Extend ActiveRecord models with 'magic' or virtual columns and attribute

HasMagicColumnsExtends ActiveRecord models and adds "magic" columns and attributes to a model. Model classes or instances can maintain completely unique and separate data and are able to access this data through the standard ActiveRecord style interface. This is useful in multi-user or multi-account applications where each user can "customize" the attributes they would like to use without managing multiple schema or installations. This plugin was written by and maintained by Brandon Keene, a pro

Gears-dblib - A simple abstraction on top of the Database object in Gears

Allow db users to use objects as much as possible, and simplify the API where possible. var db = new GearsDB('gears-test'); var bob = {id: 3, name: 'Bob', url: '', description: 'whee'}; db.insertRow('person', bob); db.insertRow('person', bob, 'name = ?', ['Bob']); db.selectAll('select * from person', null, function(person) { document.getElementById('selectAll').innerHTML += ' ' +; }); db.selectRows('person', 'name like ?', ['%'], function(person) { document.getElementBy

Getspecific - An implementation of the Specification pattern for PHP

<?php$denny = all(eq('fname', 'Denny'), eq('lname', 'Shimkoski'), between('age', 25, 35));$clowns = eq('title', 'clown');$haunted = any($denny, $clowns);$impostor = array('fname' => 'Denny');$bobTheClown = array('fname' => 'Bob', 'title' => 'clown');$haunted->isSatisfiedBy($impostor); // false$haunted->isSatisfiedBy($bobTheClown); // true?>

Ruby-dhkey - Diffie Hellman key exchange for ruby

Diffie Hellman key exchange for ruby alice = DHKey.newbob =, = bob.my_public_keybob.their_public_key = alice.my_public_keyalice.shared_key == bob.shared_key # => true