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BNBT is a complete port of the original Python BitTorrent tracker to C++.



Related Projects

BNBT TrinEdit and BNBT EasyTracker

The Trinity Edition of BNBT (TrinEdit) — a modified version of BNBT, whose C++ source can be compiled for any operating system; BNBT EasyTracker — a Windows Installer for The Trinity Edition of BNBT, a C++ BitTorrent Tracker. See homepage for more info.

=Xotic= Edition of BNBT (XBNBT)

XBNBT is a modifed BNBT BitTorrent tracker written in C++. XBNBT offers many additional features beyond the original BNBT tracker and has been designed with the Linux user in mind in an attempt to make it as easy as it is for Windows.

Duga3 - an extremely fast bittorrent crawler (and tracker) project

NoteI have recently taken a liking to git and will be using gitorious for all future updates. Feel free to fork, contribute, and send a pull request for merge. AboutДуга-3 / Duga-3 / Arc-3 is based on another project I started called "k2". k2 was based off of something else I had done a while back. So, this would be the third incarnation, hence the name fitting the project again (in more than one way). Finally commited to SVN on June 15, 2010. This initial code should be good enough to crawl

Youshinebt - YouShine BT

A php portal software for BNBT server. YouShineBT 介� YouShineBT 是一款开� php + mysql 的 Bt 门户网站程�,�照BSD开��议。 1.0.0 版本具有如下特点: 短消�功能,用户之间�以通过短消�进行交�,当有新的消�时伴有语音�示。 丰富的用户个性化信�,给用户更加人性�的体验。 内嵌功能强大的 FCKEditor 在线编辑器,使�交��信�和留言更加简�,内容更加丰富。 通过在线方�的