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Be-messeng-er is a project to provide the best MSN Messenger IM solution for BeOS and its derivatives. We need your help to provide constructive criticism and feature suggestions!



Related Projects

Hqcoders - A project for the software laboratorium 4 object at bme

An object oriented based software development for the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary

Hunglish-webapp - webapp for bilingual sentence search

This project is the webapp for searching the Hunglish parallel corpus The old search webapp can be found here The 2.0 beta has been deployed on a test machine, see our blog post about new features!

Bme-szofttech-lovoldozos3 - Crimsonland-like game written in java for homework :)

Crimsonland-like game written in java. Controls: A,S,D,W Shooting: point with the mouse and shoot

Mdsdprojects - BPELValidator and SEAMGen projects

These projects were implemented as a homework for the Model Driven Software Development and Service integration courses at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) - Department of Measurement and Information Systems ( You can watch the videos about the projects here: Please see the Wiki pages for more information.

Pa-na-bb - projekt név

A BME "Beágyazott és Információs rendszerek" M.Sc. szakirányon 2010 tavaszán a Szoftvertechnológia tárgyból - Brosch Balázs, Németh Attila, Pető Arnold - közös házi feladata. Ezen google projekt a verziókövetést szolgálja.

Highvoltage - A "HighVoltage" csapat projektje (BME Szoftver laboratórium 4, 2010).

Szoftver labor 4 tárgyból kiadott projekt feladat megoldása. (BME, 2010) High Voltage