Bluetooth alsa

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ALSA drivers and daemons for using bluetooth audio devices



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Battewii - Use your Guitar Hero battery as MIDI instrument

This little program is a tool that transform your Guitar Hero ( and maybe Rock Band but not tested ) Battery to a MIDI instrument to use with Jack and ALSA Run only on linux ( this program will never be adapted for Windows ). To Compile it, you need the cwiid, bluetooth and asound librairies' developpment packages installed on your system. Next, run: gcc -o BatteWii -lasound -lcwiid -lbluetooth battewii.c Enjoy!

btsco - Bluetooth-alsa Project

Bluetooth-alsa Project

bluez-alsa-sink - ?????????? ????????? ? Bluetooth-??????? ??? Pulseaudio.

?????????? ????????? ? Bluetooth-??????? ??? Pulseaudio.