Blue Screen Democracy

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Open voting systems software, developed rapidly by a widely distributed group of programmers for use on current and new voting hardware. Built democratically from the ground up, starting with a forum discussion to determine technologies to be used.



Related Projects


DiffKey is a keyer plugin for the Linux video editor Cinelerra (it is included in release 1.2.0). It allows bluescreen/greenscreen style keying and compositing, based on the difference between the current frame and a frame showing only the background.

Farnetproclist - FarNet 4.* Process List

Ever since SP2, damn M$ geniuses broke something with WMI so now, no FarManager version is able to display the process list anymore (This is a PITY 'coz once you go bluescreen (tm) you never go back :D ). So here you go, a basic process viewer plugin running under the new FarNet plugin ( Unfortunately Far 2.0 is required as I have no idea how to actually implement this in FarNet 3.. Enjoy. PS: I'll try to release some unofficial build for Far 2.0 as well so you'

Chromakey - my simple chromakey application for static image, video , dv.

Chroma key is a technique for mixing two images or frames together, in which a color (or a small color range) from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it. This technique is also referred to as color keying, colour-separation overlay (CSO; primarily by the BBC1), greenscreen, and bluescreen. It is commonly used for weather forecast broadcasts, wherein the presenter appears to be standing in front of a large map, but in the studio it is actually a large blue

Chroma-key-project - Open Source library for Chroma keying (a.k.a Greenscreen or Bluescreen) on Andr

After an exhaustive search online, I have failed to find any open source projects working with Chroma-keying for Android devices. The aim of this project is to provide a useful Chroma-key library, that will make it easy to implement applications and games that can take pictures in front of a Green or Blue screen, and apply the pictures on a chosen background. Furthermore, the application will also allow the user to upload the picture using Intent. You can download the source (which works with Ec

Virtdbg - A kernel debugger based on hardware virtualization features

The purpose of virtdbg is to implement a kernel debugger using the hardware virtualization technology provided by Intel (VT-x). This project is born because when it comes to Windows 7 x64, the available kernel debuggers tend to be very limited. We have WinDbg which is very good but need cooperation of the OS. We can't use it in order to debugging protected parts of the operating system like PatchGuard for example. The other kernel debuggers are local debuggers like !SoftICE, Syser or HyperDbg. I


Show's a bluescreen instead the page for IE6 browsers


Garden plugin. Show's a bluescreen instead the page for IE6 browsers.


Upload bluescreen dump by one click, share link with others to get quick help